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Does it Hurt?

Length: 46 minutes
F/f, M/f
Review by MARS posted 7/8/11

A series of scenes where young female school staffers recall students they spanked and spankings they received by senior staff members. Seems like almost everyone was subject to having to lower their pants.

An early, low-budget Moonglow, filmed on just two simple sets, a sitting room where the girls reminisce about their punishments, and a curtained wall background against which the spankings are acted out.

The scenes are confusing and difficult to describe with any logic or continuity. The plot is simply a vehicle to depict a series of sessions. The film opens with a crisp caning underway on a full-screen bottom in jeans. The bottom belongs to a young teacher and the caner is her female superior. Moonglow does not film love-taps. The bottom twitches on each snapping stroke.

Scene cuts to a lounge, where three girls converse--recalling canings at the school, by the headmaster or the female supervisor, who sits with the two teachers. There follow a few scenes of spankings, OTK or over a padded bench, as recalled by the girls.

The most interesting punishments take place when the two young teachers debate with the female supervisor about being able to take the same spankings they are required to give out at the school. The girls move to the correction room, where they will be caned in a sort of contest to verify their courage.

Corrin (actress Elena) bends over the trestle for her first session, about 10 on her slacks. Mary takes her 10 on her trousers. Corrin returns, drops her slacks with style, and takes about 15 more. All strokes are crisp and hard. The girls are not moved by the canings so far; they are sent to put on school uniforms.

The girls return in simple skirts and light matching tops. Corrin takes off her skirt and takes down her knickers, showing the first fully bare bottom of the film--10 strokes of the cane. Mary goes bare for the same. Some slow-motion is mixed into the scenes here. It seems to have been decided that, yes, in fact the young teachers can take the punishment.

The burnette lines up the two bare bottoms for some lotion treatment, the girls rub each other. The group returns to the sitting room, where they agree it was an interesting caning session. The brunette recalls one more caning she got, where the headmaster pulls her pants down himself for 15 cane strokes.

The three share glasses of wine and toast to caned bottoms.

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