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Hard Lessons

49 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 5/6/11

If you see this film and you find anything "hard," we'd like to know. Mistress Gemini at it again with her flyswatter-like ferocity. Two drab brunettes, in sloppy schoolgirl kit, acting as bored as we were, are spanked through a series of classroom gryations until the allotted 49 minutes expire.

The girls have reeked of cigarettes and alcohol and have been consorting with boys. Talia is taken OTK on a piano bench for a handspanking on her white panties, a saving grace of the film being that she fills them out ever so nicely. The second girl, a long-haired reddish brunette, gets the same. No dents.

"Time for real punishment to begin." Geminin has an armload of canes and paddles. Talia over the piano. "We won't be needing these (panties) any more." Talk, talk, talk. Handspanking; pleasing shots of her bottom from below.

For some reason, the director needed to fade between some scenes. It isn't as if the girls were collapsed and had to be resuscitated. The second brunette gets her piano spanking.

FADE: Talia is bent over a cheap school desk (compared to treasured antiques you occasionally see in the British schoolroom sagas) for a feeble strapping, but she is nice to look at with her legs locked. The girls switch.

More for Talia at the desk, and 18" ruler. Same for #2. The segues are confused--Talia back to the desk for ruler, handspanking, and OTK. It is clear now that she is either (a) the naughtiest girl, or (b) getting paid omre, because she goes to the cane next, a few dozen or so whippy-snaps all over her bottom and between her legs, more like sexual teasing than punishment.

To conclude, the second girl gets another brief OTK. The only lessons learned in this film were by us.

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