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Heads or Tails

56 Minutes
Review by MARS Posted 5/13/11

Sequel to "Double or Quits"; a spanking romp, with a maturing Dublin O'Brien playing Karen, an inveterate gambler, willing to flip a coin and bet her bottom to resolve any dispute. She and her roommate Penny (actress Sam Johnson) can't pay the rent. Karen has given her share to Penny, who squandered it. Karen spanks Penny, a hairbrush, a kitchen spoon, and short paddle with large holes. Some opening scenes review the first video in this series.

Terry, a Strictly English regular, is the landlord, on the scene for his rent. He jumps at the chance to flip a coin for Karen. If Karen wins, she will take a spanking and be let off the rent. She does win and is soon OTK, pants down. Ms. O'Brien is not the svelte little actress she once was. Her bottom is larger, still quite perfect and unblemished, actually more enticing than ever, and now a bit of a greater challenge for her spanker.

Terry will spank Penny (Sam Johnson) now, using the hairbrush, kitchen spoon, and a small wood paddle with holes. The action is mild and playful. Ms. Johnson has a small, tidy, and trim little figure. Her perfectly crafted bottom is not quite the lapful Karen's is.

Karen finds a cane in Penny's room, which Penny claims to keep for kinky costume balls at her "school disco." Penny and Terry turn on Karen again; she squeals as she goes OTK. "Double or quits, I'll take the cane." She loses (or wins, we have to guess), but the caning sequence was cut for some reason.

Karen returns the cane and finds bills Penny paid with Karen's rent share. She and Terry are going to deal with Penny properly. Terry wants to see Penny's "kinky" uniform. There follows a five-minute undressing and dressing scene, where Ms. Johnson's attributes are reaffirmed. She strips to partial nudity, puts on a school uniform, slowly--blouse, necktie, full white knickers, pleated skirt, knee socks, and open strapped heels, in a sequence as erotic as any of the spankings here.

When she returns, Terry catches his breath. "Oh, yes!" Karen is excited too. "It's my turn to punish Penny." Karen takes her OTK, spanking on the white knickers, then bare, some giggling and Irish brogue chatter. They observe: "Lovely color." Karen uses the hairbrush, the "stingey" spoon, and the paddle. Penny is released to get the cane again, the camera following her white-knickered bottom.

Back to the couch, Terry and Karen pull her panties down together. Karen lays on about a dozen silly cane taps (we know Ms. O'Brien knows how to cane), but the scene is saved by the twisting bare hips of Ms. Johnson. Terry and Karen carefully examine the marks she has made (which, frankly, we can't see).

We move to the ultimate phase. The girls conspire and gambler-Karen makes the offer, and odd one it is. If it's Heads, both girls are caned and rent is forgiven; if it's Tails, caning, but the girls must pay their rent.

Heads, Karen goes first, pulling up her shirt and her pink panties down herself. About 12 strokes, Terry canes hardest so far. One never tires of Ms. O'Brien in bend-over postures. Terry rubs. She steps out of her panties but characteristically protects her frontal modesty. Penny takes her twelve.

Side-by-side bare bottoms, the comparision is entertaining. 12 more for Karen, and still harder--she takes care to keep her pink knickers at her thighs. Lots of brogue ad lib. "Time to change over." 12 for Penny, including a wild one. "You're not supposed to cane my legs, Terry."

That's enough for today. "See you next month, girls!" The girls whisper; the coin has one face--Karen could always get what she chose. She likes her bottom smacked.

There are some out-takes, including Dublin walking around the set without pants. Closeup frontal nudity added for gratuity.

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