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Length: 25 minutes
Review by MARS posted 4/29/11

An oldie (only by CP films' evolving standards) seen in Moonglow's "Classics" section, which we found included as part of a larger compilation issued by 6666 Productions. And 'impertinent' it is, both because the young lady to be spanked needs an attitude adjustment, and because her tormentor is surely guilty of the inferences the girl has made in the poetry she writes.

Bouncy blond ponytailed actress Lucy Bailey playing Virginia Bottomley has been called in by her schoolmaster teacher, who quizzes her at length on her shaky multiplication. But he has other evidence on her. She has written scandalous couplets about him in her exam booklets. He makes her read a few--she has depicted him as a dirty old man with an eye for schoolgirl bottoms.

There will be caning, and now. "Take off your skirt. Take off your knickers." Virginia has a spanking-wish; she writes about him and now here it is. Her long silk blouse falls to her thighs and will throughout this session cover her modesty, a practice common for Moonglow in these years.

Virginia is urged to climb onto a round table and lie flat, an odd pose for a schoolgirl, but an entertaining one in CP literature. The teacher raises her blouse and lays on 20 strap strokes to her bare bottom. She is facing us instead of the opposite, so we don't see the target area very well. To the wall, she is allowed to rub, the blouse covers most of the time.

After a FADE, the teacher has another copybook, with extensive semi-pornographic couplets she has written about him. Virginia will read a couplet, then face a couplet from the cane, in a sexy and extensive disciplinary session. Strokes are hard and square-on, with no respite for Ms. Bottomley. Eight naughty couplets, eight sets of two strokes--16 on the bare bottom. The last couplet, referring to a "bulge in his pants," so infuriates the professor that Virginia gets 12 strokes for this one. Got to admire the girl though, she's on to something.

And finally, the professor has Virginia position two plastic chairs back-to-back. If that blouse were 6" shorter, we would have some entertaining interludes as she labored. She kneels up and bends over the backs and adjusts herself without prompting, elevating her buttocks, which, we should mention, are perfect specimens in Moonglow tradition. She takes another 12 cane strokes, and her struggles are even more erotic in this posture.

She dresses slowly and is left to sit at a desk to ponder. Where did the professor go?

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