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Lesbian Tiff

23 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR - Posted 7/1/11

Two lesbian girlfriends have a little tiff--one has seen the other with another girl. The long-haired brunette, she'll be the 'Domme,' shows her girlfriend, the 'Sub,' her own bruised bottom. This is what the girls do, she says, can the Sub take it?

She will give it a try, so she goes OTK and the spanking begins on her white pants. After her knickers come down and there is some moaning, a break: "Is that all you've got?" Over the arm of the couch, the oval paddle on the bare. Again, "Is that all you've got?" The floppy leather paddle does impress a little more.

"Do you do this to all your girlfriends before you have sex?" And the Domme knows the right answers: "You'll just have to wait and see."

"You're going to get the cane." About 25 strokes on the bare, kneeling on the couch. " really does hurt, shit." Lots of cussing, large wheals, repeat strokes. At the conclusion, "That was great. It really hurt." And the Domme, always in charge: "You'll take this frequently if you want to be one of my girlfirends."

The Sub goes onto her back on the couch and the oral sex begins, with a specific, energetic and audible frigging. "Oh, I'm going to come." We might agree. After a lusty second time around, they decide to go out clubbing, where rosy bottoms can be displayed. "Oh, fun!"

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