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No Choice

49 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR - Posted 6/9/11

A simple British schoolgirl spanking setup--outfitted classroom, even a wall clock. A gowned Headmistress, Mrs. Day, at her desk. This actress is found in the CalStar catalogue, in both top and bottom roles. When she spanks, she isn't shy about it. A blonde girl, Felicity, the actress Bev Cox, knocks and enters, in sweet schoolgirl kit. She's a truant and is going to be punished. The acting is terrible, but the action will make up for it.

After the appropriate scolding for her truancy, Felicity is taken OTK for a conventional spanking. Headmistress Day has obtained permission from Felicity's mother, Mrs. Keegan. Skirt up, panties down, bloches and bruises already. Felicity stands and takes her pants off and unhooks her skirt, bends over the desk for the paddle. "It hurts." "It's supposed to hurt."

Day will strap Felicity's palms. She can't help a "Fuck!" and "Miss, that hurts more than the paddle on my bum." Over the desk again for the cane, but first: "Take off your shirt." Sweet boobs, no bra. Over 50 strokes are filmed, a very long sequence, shot from several angles, with discreetly edits repeats. It seems that they are waiting for Felicity's mother to arrive, and she's late just like her daughter, so she'll cane some more, about 35 more strokes. "You can thank your mother for being late."

Mrs. Keegan bursts in and she shocked to see her daughter naked and the condition of her bottom. Felicity stands naked facing us, exposed, while the Headmistress and Mrs. Keegan agrue. At first belligerent, Keegan soon agrees to take a spanking herself if she wants to save this expensive education for her daughter.

Keegan is taken OTK. She is a tall thin brunette who presents a nifty bare thonged bottom when her slinky red dress skirt comes up. You watch either the slow selective-stroking spanking she is getting or the bare Miss Felicity looking on. The headmistress works the thong down--Ms. Keegan has wide enough thighs that everything is there--she wears a pussy ring, a hot Mom!

A big floppy paddle makes her jump; red dress off, down to just a bra, over the desk for more paddle, a very red bottom. Is Felicity feeling some remorse? The bra comes off--hard enhanced boobs. This lady must have a night job!

As they say, and now the cane. Another very long sequence with repeats and varied views, very fulfilling to watch alomost 60 strokes. A "fuck" is uttered here and there. Her bottom is just as rutted as Felicity's.

At the conclusion, we watch the two chastised women slowly pull on their clothes. Meals will be at the counter tonight.

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