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1 Hour 6 Mintues
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/22/11

A well thought-out spanking film, even though the plot starts out flat and unimaginative. Several playthings and long playtime. Actress Stephanie, as Deborah, plays a petulant Lesbian, and does it very well. Her girlfriend Louise (actress Sacha Lievely) is late for their assignment, giving the tempestuous Deborah an excuse to be mad. "Take your clothes off. Strip!"

Louise stops halfway and is taken OTK in a short white blouse and sky-blue lacy Olga-like knickers. Louise changes into a few skimpy outfits as we watch. More handspanking, but Louise wants more. "I thought we were going to play." Louise gets the tawse for Deborah. OTK again. "Spread your legs....nice and wide." Deborah slaps vertically with the leather on the crotch of the Olga's. Louise surges. Both actresses are tall brunettes, with showgirl legs, modest breasts, trim professiional bodies, and tight hard buttocks.

Part of the playtime, Louise goes to pick another implement. "What about this one, Mistress?" A thick paddle-strap. Panties down, a careful positioning bent over a couch, soft sexy girltalk. "Get your bottom right out." Hard paddling knocks her off position. Facial inserts on the screen. Twelve cracks, with "thank-you's." For some reason, these between-the-legs views are some of the most erotic we can recall. Louise looks quite ready.

18 more for the tawse, the blue knickers stretched tight across her thighs. Deborah wooshes the cane and rubs it between Louise's buttocks. Stephanie plays a cunning intimidator in all her roles (examples:. 'Lady Vernon'). Tears usually flow. "I'd like you to count them backwards, from 12."

At this point Deborah's boss, Geoffrey, barges in, overtly shocked to see a bare-bottom caning in progress and two scantily clad girls in high dudgeon. Deborah mumbles she was just "dealing" with Louise. The man, a professionally-bearded actor and a good spanker from this era of Srictly English, turns his attention to Deborah and makes her show him her tarty Lesbian clothes. "I love it when you talk dirty to me," she intones. He is surely aroused. "Perhaps you are my plaything."

Deborah is OTK, filmy skirt thrown up, a short sexy handspanking--she is loving it. Louise retrieves the strap--Deborah takes 12, then a set of 18, then another 6, hands-on-couch. Beautiful deep pink bottom, Louise is allowed to rub and Geoffrey gropes Louise from behnd. Playtime.

Louise whines: "She used other things on me as well," and gets the heavy strap. Geoffrey: "I've never even seen this before...your private toy...let's have your knickers!" Over the couch again for this mean-looking red strap, very sexy. Deborah's bottom regains the deep rouge-pink color, as if she is having cosmetic help, but we've have a high old time anyway.

There are tears at the end of this strapping. Deborah gets the cane next and shows some fear, very ertoic. Twelve strokes and "thank-you's."

Silly Louise has been smirking at Deborah's plight, giving Geoffrey the excuse he needed. "Change places, girls." Deborah's catty grin of revenge satisfied is a highlight. Louise's blue knickers off, over the couch, six hard strokes, clear instant marks.

But Deborah will be caned again, with Louise's bare tush beside her in the shot. About a dozen strokes. To conclude, Geoffrey is going to allow Deborah to finish off Louise. "If I was you, I would take a deep breath." Actress Stephanie's wristy snappy zingers in full evidence here.

Geoffrey notes that after all this, Deborah's bottom is still not as marked as Louise's, so she gets a last six, the muscles in her buttocks and upper thighs flexing delightfully. The session concludes and it would appear everybody got what he/she came for.

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