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30 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/17/11

A surprisng twist to conclude a conventional spanking story. The scene is an automotive repair garage. Two male mechanics are repainting a car after completing body work. A delightful brunette (we think we recall her photogenic parts in "Salon CP.") reports for a new job, dressed rather carelessly in micro skirt, showing her garters and stocking tops, and high heels.

The two mechanics are clearly impressed by the arrival of this butterfly and send her to dress for work. She returns, cute as one could be in a set of bulky coveralls, ready for messy work. In just a few minutes she decides this work isn't for her and quits. This is the chance the boys were waiting for--they bend her over a car, rip her coveralls at the waist, to expose tight beautifully formed-out white panties. One mechanic spanks, the other holds her. Pants down, slow handspanking continues--the guys alternate.

She gives the job another try, is soon discouraged, and finds herself pulled across the top of the car. A mechanic whips her with his belt, her coveralls conveniently remain ripped apart. Her struggles are cute and entertaining. When she settles down after each stroke she manages to stick her bottom out for the next. The boys are overwhelmed by the sight. The spanker drops to his knees to kiss and bite her bottom, causing her to jump delightfully.

The martinet is used next. The camera comes around to the opposite side of the car to catch her face, pretty enough for the director to have inserted several facials during the proceedings. One of the mechanics takes a break, calls a customer to delay picking up a car, so the boys can stay on this most entertaining diversion.

And the girl is not protesting all that much as things advance. "If you beat me a little more, will you let me go?" Next, a clever posture found in adult films for a different purpose--the boys open the csar window and shove her upper torso in, framing and trapping her bare bottom. More with the belt. A camera shot from inside the car, with the microphone in her face. The senior mechanic whips her with a crop, but he pulls his punches. Out of the car, more cropping, one guy holds her while the other guy whips. Moderate stuff.

Then the final twist--the boys roll over a propane-fired paint dryer, light it off, and point it at her bottom, concluding their handiwork on a bare tush with a roasting. It is mild stuff, but humorouslly entertaining and off the prototype.

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