Spankers Paradise 2

Time: 60 minutes
Review by MARS 6/3/11

Three playful vignettes by George Harrison Marks from his Kane era, depicting his whimsical and unabashedly erotic interpretation of male/female spanking.

I-Black screen opens to the sounds of a flesh on flesh spanking in progress. A smarmy older guy, from the cast of ageplay spankers GHM draws from, here called Oscar, with his faux German accent. He is spanking and undressing a cute chunky blonde in a bedroom scene, and she protests just enough. Jeans off, leotard off, and she is naked and an eyeful. Oscar teases her with a birch--canes and martinets are hanging within reach at the ready.

Oscar increases the tempo with a martinet, with the blonde kneeling on the bed, head down, knees wide. Next, a very thin tawse, and it stings. "Ooh, yah," mutters Oscar in lust as he see how his lady reacts. "The cane, yah?" The blonde must lick its length and Oscar seems about to lose control. About 10 strokes kneeling before he makes her beg: "Six hard strokes on my bottom because I am a naughty girl."

The camera pans to wider view. GHM and an assistant have been filming this scene. "Is that OK for you, George?" It was, but for good measure GHM grabs a lapful of naked little blonde to complete his own scene.

II-The aforementioned Oscar goes to the lobby to meet another actress, Helen, who pretends not to know this is a spanking job. Oscar persuades: "This is about spanking...I am going to do an audition." Helen is a willowy blonde--her body is begging to get out of the clothes she wears.

Oscar: "I want you to take off your clothes." Helen wants the money and does a sort of striptease, down to a red teddy. She flashes glamorous showgirl boobs, long legs, and the requisite spankable bottom, very much consistent with GHM's professional career with cheesecake models. She kneels on a coffee table and Oscar handspanks with glancing blows. To the fireplace, thong down, "Arch your back," she is spanked to red-pink.

Recreation continues--to the couch, OTK, her estimable breasts have popped out of her bustier and compete for attention. He grabs handfuls and suckles a bit between spankings. It seems they know each other, because this scene concludes with: "When we get home can we do this again?"

III-This segment features Vida Garman, certainly in the most entertaining appearance she has made in CP films in our opinion, although not the rousing spanking like she regreted publicly in "College Classics #3." This section is often excerpted by enthusiasts. Vida is seen in street clothes, working at the Kane studios. She meets George later, presents him her Mistress consulting bill, wearing a dominatrix's outfit off a Halloween rack, complete with mortarboard. She intends to deliver the "special services" portion of the invoice by giving George a whipping. "Take your trousers down and I'll show you the special services."

George cannot be deterred; he argues, objects to the 50% fee, and soon it is Vida whose shorts will be coming down. He gets her over the bed, in just a red satin bustier. "You've got a beautiful bottom, " he says, in one of the biggest understatements in all the genre. Knickers down, bustier off, Vida is naked and beyond superlatives. Lusty boobs, narrow waist, world-class bottom, hard thighs, pale Irish skin. Her biographical data says she is 5'2"; she looks 6'4' in this maginificently filmed clip.

George and Vida laugh and squeal ad lib through spanking, two martinets, and a studded paddle. She squirms over the bed, naked except for thigh-length boots, eager to display all she's got. Closeups of her flashing green eyes and short red-brown hair. The studded paddle nips at one point. "Oh, fuck!" exclaims Vida. George: "We don't fuck. We just spank."

To conclude: "One more lesson." He spanks her with a wad of money, her entire fee, because "you're worth every penny of it." Very true; this segment is a necessity for any collector.

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