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Stripped, Bound, and Beaten

29 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 6/24/11

Somewhat off-formula for English discipline, spanking and light bondage. Exquisitely erotic for our simple vintage tastes. A delicious brunette, full-lipped, curvy, and with a slightly sullen naughtiness of face, is buglarizing a residence, filling a bag with treasures as if she were at a farmers' market, and showing some curiosity about spanking tools she has come across. She wears a flower-print dress reminiscent of the go-go era and white high heels, dressed more for a cocktail party than for burglary.

She is caught of course, and by none other than the actor Michael Dawes, who we know understands how to deal with these situations. With his grubby bearded friend Harry, they wrestle her over a padded bench. They cut away the Laugh-In dress, blindfold her, and tie down her wrists and ankles, loosely, avoiding the complicated fetish knots which take time, and preserving flexibility for more inventiveness to come. "...please let me go...what is this?" One of the boys reaches between her legs and takes a second or two too long to find and unsnap her teddy to bare her bottom.

Some good firm martinet--she begs sweetly...."Oh, God....Oh, God!" In a fade, she is left alone, a necessary b&d concept.

"We're going to take you to our dungeon and beat you there." She agrees not to struggle when she is released, so long as the police are not notified.

Fade to the dungeon--she is being bound to a bench on her back. She has been gagged with a device we haven't seen before--a leather square across her mouth, fastened behind her head, with a breathing mesh and a protuberance she can bite and suck. As she moves her free legs about, her well-tended mohawk gets its stage time. Her legs are hauled up and spread in the diaper position, a well-placed mirror to catch the intimacy. A light tawsing on her pussy leaves no doubt that this is no ordinary punishment and puts everyone in the mood. Michael puts a crop to work while Grubby Harry teases her vagina.

The sexy lady is taken to the next phase--teddy off, now naked, she is strapped down over a horse, a full-length mirror provides total views. Her sullen, angry, hostile face encourages you to want to see her spankings intensified.

Michael tells her they're going to use "Short sharp shocks," a phrase he likes to roll out when he has a bare bottom at his fingertips. The boys alternate with canes--not too hard, but her glorious tush shows the marks in closeup. Every detail of this short film a pleasure.

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