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A Submissive Mind

Real Spankings (2005)
Kailee and Mr. Daniels
Directed by Dan England
Running Time 45 minutes
45 Minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 7/1/11

The internet camera style, where the video operator interviews the subject. The prolific RealSpankings organization has excellent sensibilities to the CP genre.

Kallie, a sensuous,laid back, sleepy brunette, soaks in a tub and chats with the camera operator. "We appreciate you letting us come into your apartment." And into her bedroom and bathroom too! He talks to Kallie about spanking and her personal experiences. As she applies makeup she discusses sex--she likes passionate encounters, not so much "vanilla" sex and definitely not anal, which she has tried and emphatically does not like.

We see her naked after about 10 minutes, as she dresses, and her gray-and-white cat ambles through the shot, good emphasis on her hindquarters--that would be Kallie's tush. and an undressing scene and a cigarette pause, as the interview concludes.

The film fades to an action sequence. Kallie is reporting to a cellar-like room and is under the control of a firm drill instructor-like male. She takes her clothes off. "You're shaved clean...I appreciate that." Naked, she lies face-down on a table and her supervisor used duct tape to pin her wrists behind her back, a sexy struggle and the high point so far.The spanking begins, first the hand and then the strap with holes. Erotic facials and early tears from the submissive.

Kallie is allowed to stand, wrists released, she must hold lighted candles in the palms of her hands, arms fully extended while she stands nude at the wall, a milder version of the schoolgirl textbook torment. She is helped to kneel on the floor, candles still held outstretched.

The supervisor strings her up by the wrists and whips her with a martinet, on her back and breasts. He pours hot wax on her nipples, then turns to her bottom with a large wood paddle and a cane. None of this is too severe, but she is disturbed, tears running her mascara.

Hot wax between her buttocks gained our interest as worth a try. A long leather whip--mostly a tease. An interesting implement--a flogger made of a bundle of long sticks which look like barbeque matches, a stinger. Then a spanker made of a wire loop. More caning, especially a set where she faces us and he canes her upper front thighs.

Kallie sits naked for a post-spanking interview, with a cigarette, sort of post-coital.

Original Guest Review by Ronald Scott

'The Submissive Mind' is masterpiece of erotic film making. In his first outing for Films, Sam England has created on the most unique and powerful CP films ever created.

This work is is an incrediable explpration of the power within the dominant/submissive relationship. Infact, this is a tale of two films. One can view this video in color or black and white giving the viewers two very different perspectives of the same film.

The video opens with a very revealing interview of star, Kailee.

This interview segment is outstanding and very post- modern in style, revealing and intimate. Kailee, who is often shot in close-up, exhibits a sexy, bratty and hypnotic charisma that I had only partly noticed in the spanking clips posted on There is a lot more to this girl than I had previously realized. The camera loves her; whether she smiles or frowns, one can't keep your eyes off her expressive face.

The interviewer, from off camera says "talk a little about yourself" and in one way or another that is the subject of most of the interview. Kailee's utter candidness regarding her personal and sexual life gives this "interview" more impact than you would imagine. Also there are great camera angles of her in the bath, casually dressing and undressing, as she talks about her experiences as a RealSpankings actress and her sexual preferences and general mindset in life. She says that severe punishment scenes provide a kind of emotional release for her, release from thinking about her problems and "everything get's wiped clean".

Kailee noted that she was both excited and frightened about doing the Dungeon scene with Mr. Daniels because he does whatever he wants and she knows this is what "he gets off on". As this second scene starts, Mr. Daniels takes a very dominant tone with Kailee whose face shows a bit of fear and ambivalence. He says "he is so pissed off at her that she has no fucking idea". He ordered her to strip after and then, freely ran his hands through her hair. Kaille recoiled a bit, but kept her head up submissively.

Mr. Daniels then bound the lovely young brunette's hands behind her with masking tape. Then is a tone most malicious, he informs the young submissive that her back was to be flogged and noting with a sinister sneer "not a square inch will be untouched". The actual strappings and canings that follow often with Kailee's hands tied above her head are only mildly severe but a variety of implements are used and the punishment goes on for quite a while. He also enjoys dripping hot wax from lit candles in the dungeon onto Kailee's breasts and back to make her squirm.

Noting Kailee's naturally rebellious manner, Mr. Daniels confronts the girl. "You want to tell me to fuck off, don't you!" he exclaimed with ferocity. After a while Kailee's composure begins to fall and she gradually begins to cry. Her voice and facial expressions while being punished were powerful and highly erotic.

"A Submissive Mind' is a powerful, unflinching, exploration of the art of dominance and submission. This is a CP film not to be missed. Mr. England's first outing for Real Film's is an instant classic.

Edited by David Pierson.

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