Thieves in the Bath House

Running Time: 42 Minutes
Reviewed by MARS posted on 4/29/11

We suspend our disdain for these Russian videos for the moment. We found some pleasure in this one. Two guys and two girls attend a bath house; everybody strips naked and they swim in an indoor pool. All four are shown totally nude, and we note that pubic shaving applies to both sexes.

When they exit the pool (one male actor bumps his head on the low ceiling twice), one guy discovers someone has stolen money from his clothing. He summons the bath staff girls to report, and he discovers the money in one of the girls' bras. The two girl guests, wrapped in towels, are eager to see the staff girls punished. We guess they get whipped often enough themselves. "You must flog them to death." Harsh, these Russians! All we want is to see a tear shed.

The two staff girls are made to strip naked in front of the group and do a decent job of feigning embarrassment. They are marched naked back into the shower room, where a low bench has appeared. This being a Russian spanking film, we know that is an essential piece of furniture.

After the usual hemming and hawing, made all the more enjoyable by the atrocious subtitles, the first naked girl, a tall dark blonde, hair appropriately up, is put lengthwise on the bench, held down hand-and-foot by the two toweled girlfriends. One of the men, his robe back on, proceeds to lay on 25 hard strokes with a cane, with an intensity difficult to match. The concept of a warmed-up bottom before caning is alien. She screams from the first. The caning is filmed from several angles, and although the perspective views are choppy and out of sequence, it appears the full 25-count was verbalized. It is a fierce unrelenting caning with no warmup; closeups at the conclusion show some significant results. We don't seek out harsh canings, but the camera work is ironically so poor that the accruing results aren't clearly seen, so we can imagine. The actress is a pretty, naked squawker, with apparent reason, when the end comes and the results are evident.

When she is finished, she is made to stand against a tile wall, hands-on-head. Something very erotic about a naked red bottom and a tiled shower room wall.

The second naked staff girl has been held by her hair and forced to watch. She climbs onto the bench with just a touch of fear. In a rough edit, someone has pinned up her long reddish-brown hair. The fierce caning begins, in the same manner. The Russian actor chops down on her bottom full-force and strikes unexpectedly from different angles. Nasty stuff. In another awkward cut, she is suddenly tied to the bench with rough hemp rope. We understand such tieups take film time. We observe that Lupus manages to add inches to the erotic tension by showing the rattling and rustling binding in progress.

The girl's face is streaked with tears and mascara, very erotic. Her pale Irish-like skin is freckled and delicious. Long facials, excellent misery. Her welts and marks are far more pronounced; not good to be a fair-skinned lass in the spanking film industry, and borderline too much for our tastes. For some reason, the camera angles are more inventive for her session.

Both girls stand naked at the wall and their bottoms are compared in closeup. These producers have been watching their competition.

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