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Two More for the Crop

Length: 54 minutes
Review by MARS posted 6/24/11

No one can accuse Moonglow of over-sophistication, yet their simple devices have produced rousing CP for us. They have revised and expanded their website to pick up their history. We like the 'Girls of Moonglow' section, where the actresses' credits are identified over the last 25 years.

Brunette Hiliary Grimsthorpe manages a restuarant and brings a female customer to her back office, having caught her skipping out on her bill. It's the Baroness Faulkner, and she's "playing the floozy" and looks the part. Grimsthorpe: "You do not leave here until the bill is paid." (72 pds). "We could come to some pay the bill another way...a good thorough flogging."

The blond Baroness, dressed stripper-like in a little black ensemble, has no money. Her elicit boyfriend dinner companion ran off. Spanking in this situation sounds like a way out. She goes OTK, skirt up. When Grimsthorpe sees her lacy teddy, "You're dressed like a tart as well," and unsnaps the garment between her legs. She kneels on a chair for the martinet, a big paddle, and a crop. Grimsthorpe is getting a good time out of this.

Raimondo the cook (and owner) bursts in, understandably surprised to discover a bare bottom spanking underway. Why not, he'll have a go at the Baroness himself, "unless you want it in the papers," or a call to her husband, he tells her.

She is told to take off her clothes, all of them, which she does with a flair for the runway, displaying an explosive professional body. In nothing but high heels and black stockings, she kneels on a chair. Raimondo lays on the cane--25 strokes, repeats, good gasping and discomfort, ample closeups. "Six more extra-hard to drive home the lesson." 6 toe-curlers then she dresses and is permitted to leave.

Raimondo turns on Hiliary--some manager she is, the Baroness being one of their best customers. She is going to get the same flogging. OTK; "How dare you!" Skirt off, back OTK. Up on a chair, black silk panties down, martinet backhand and forehand, a square paddle, first class gasping and closeups. The crop next: "Less fun receiving, is it?" Very sexy bottom.

The cane. "This is going to hurt." Almost 40 strokes filmed, the usual repeats and perspectives. "To make absolutely certain, six extra hard." No frontals and the jiggles under her blouse were never realized for us. Cute bottom shots to conclude. Everybody back to work.

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