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Washday Blues

A Strictly English Production
Directed by: Lucy Bailey and Steven English
Written by: Steven English
Starring: Lucy Bailey
Paul Davis M/f
42 Minutes

Second Review by COLLECTOR Posted 5/13/11

We piggyback a long review by the Webmaster, a/k/a "Washday Spankings." in other places.

Sexy Lucy Bailey plays blond Jenny, who sleeps late, is awakened by her husband and finds herself OTK bare-bottom for failing to do his laundry and sleeping in a shirt he needed. This seems a better way than coffee to wake a girl up. She must iron the shirt and stands at her board in just lace panties. We love scenes of nude and semi-nude housekeeping.

Husband goes to work; Jenny returns to bed in just those knickers. She later takes a bath in a luxuirious Jacuzzi (we're wondering why she sleeps on a fold-out couch but has a tub like this, unless of course they filmed this in a hotel room). Wrapped in just a towel, she bends over a washing machine, little bottom peeking out. Machine doesn't work--she calls a repairman.

She has no money--she offers her body for payment. Only so many times in a day a guy can do this, but he will give her spanking instead. Over the kitchen table, little red skirt up, tiny thong pulled down with elegant care. He spanks Jenny with his belt; her bottom soars in this posture [an orange cat runs through the scene very confidently and noses itself out a door to avoid the spanking chaos.] Jenny kneels up on the kitchen table--great use of domestic props here, bottom-high, head down, a full display of Jenny's charms. 12 more ripping belt slaps in closeup.

Jenny goes back to bed. Husband comes home--the house still a mess. Out of bed, he sees her red bottom. "What's all this....what have you been up to?" He happens to have brought a bag of implements and we begin her third spanking session--the same sweet target.

OTK, on the bed--paddles and straps, white panties on the floor. Diaper position for more; top off--down to bra, garter belt, and high heels, action clothes, as if she planned for the day to come to this. After this variety of postures and implements, they hug and make up, confirming this is a good way to get the evening off on the right foot.

The film contains some out-takes of Lucy Bailey posing nude and semi-nude in the course of making the scenes, shown to the sounds of flesh slapping flesh.

First Review by: David Pierson

It must be said that this production by Strictly English is strictly fantastic. "Washday Blues" (no this isn't a song by Buddy Guy) is entertaining, very well made and highly erotic. With Lucy Bailey as the featured performer how could it be anything but erotic?

In this wonderful tale of domestic discipline, the lovely Lucy plays the role of an unmotivated housewife. I have heard that this video was actually a pilot for British Television. It was loosely based on the " I Love Lucy" program from here in the states. It was to be entitled " I Love Spanking Lucy Bailey". Unfortunately, the shortsighted people at the networks took a pass. I think that the producers of Strictly English Productions should shop this around. I'll bet HBO would bite. After all " Sex and the City" is in its last season and the "I love Spanking Lucy Bailey show" would fit nicely into that timeslot. (One can dream.)

As the story opens we see that Lucy and her husband, Paul, are a struggling young couple. How can one tell that they are struggling? Well, they sleep on one of those sleeper sofas. If that isn't struggling I don't know what is. It is early in the morning and Paul frantically enters the frame. " Have you seem my shirt love?" Paul inquires of his beautiful, but somnolent young wife. He repeats his question again. The only response that he got from Lucy was a groan as she rolled over onto her stomach. As she did this it was revealed that Lucy was wearing the shirt that Paul was so desperately hunting for. Paul, now running late for an important interview, insisted that Lucy get up and press his shirt. To these demands, Lucy's only response was to put her head under the pillow to drown out Paul's increasingly loud demands. Paul finally reached an end to his patience and smacked the panty-clad bottom of his lovely spouse. " Ow... Whot (that word is "what" feeble attempt to imitate Lucy's accent) Lucy inquired as if unaware of her husband's irritation. Paul then grabbed Lucy by the arm, pulled her into an upright position, and placed the blonde beauty across his lap. Paul started to spank Lucy over her pretty lacey white panties. As he did so, Paul expressed his irritation over Lucy's having worn his shirt to bed. "I was cold!" Lucy responded. " Well, this will warm you up", Paul retorted. Soon, Paul lowered Lucy's panties and spanked her lovely bottom until it was very red. As Paul spanked his naughty wife she complained " Well if the shirt was so important, you shouldn't have left it out then". Paul responded by noting that Lucy's infraction would have been less serious if she has done the wash and there would have been another clean shirt for him to wear. He scolded her for watching soap operas all day and neglecting her housework. With Lucy squirming and crying out in pain as Paul spanked her naked bottom, the irate husband instructed his now penitent spouse that she would do the washing, clean their flat and avoid watching her soap operas on the television. Lucy, under great duress, concurred. Paul noted that if the chores that he had set for his bride were not completed by the time of his return " he would sort her out properly." Once he completed spanking Lucy, Paul sent his red bottomed wife off to iron his shirt. Immediately after receiving his freshly pressed shirt the man of the house was off to work. Upon hitting the door, Paul repeated his admonition of dire consequences should the lovely Lucy fail to complete the tasks assigned to her. With Paul in the room Lucy sat submissively with her head down. Once he was gone she made a face and went back to bed. After several more hours in bed, Lucy finally arose from her slumbers and then took a leisurely bath. (After all of that time in the sleeper sofa Lucy may have needed the bath just to loosen her sore back. Have you ever slept on one of those? You'd be better off sleeping on a bed of nails. I've done both.. trust me.) After completing her bath, Lucy wraps herself in a towel, grabs a load of laundry and attempts to start her washing machine. Much to her horror, she finds that her long neglected washer would not work. The now desperate Lucy rings up a busy repairman and sweet talks him into coming immediately to her home and fix her machine.

Soon, we see Lucy thanking the repairman who had just replaced the washing machine's motor. When he asked for his payment Lucy informed him that she had no money at all to pay him. No cash, check or credit card. Lucy attempts to pay the artisan with certain favors that only a young woman with the attributes of a Lucy Bailey can provide. This man is made of finer stuff than I and he refuses Lucy's offer of sexual favors. Instead he decides that this young woman needed to be taught a lesson. He instructs Lucy to bend over the nearby kitchen table and begins to spank Lucy over the bottom of her fashionable skirt. Maybe he's a lot like me. Soon, the avenging repairman (coming soon to a theater near you.) lowers Lucy's panties and spanks her beautiful bottom with as much force as he could muster. Feeling that Lucy needed a special lesson for cheating him, our erstwhile repairer of household appliances takes the belt to Lucy's already injured bottom. Let me just say that our handyman was quite handy with the belt. He delivers to Lucy's bare bottom a very intense belt spanking. It was amazing that the poor girl could hold still during her chastisement. (This punishment is not for the faint of heart. If you are on cardiac medications the makers of this film recommends that you not watch this portion of the film. As far as I'm concerned you only live once. Go ahead and watch. Just keep your defibrillator nearby.)

After the repairman had done his duty, we find our Lucy lying in bed rubbing her sore, red bottom. Suddenly, in walks Paul and he is in a foul mood. "What the hell are you doing in bed and what happened to your ass!?" Paul asked with a great deal of agitation. Lucy regaled him with the story of the broken washer and the punishment that she took at the hands (and belt) of the nasty repairman. " You let that man smack your bottom!" Paul shouted. " Did he fuck you?" he continued. " No" Lucy exclaimed. He noted that his wife had failed to carry out his orders so now she would need to pay the consequences. Out of a bag that he had been carrying, Paul dumped a series of implements that are specifically designed for the administration of punishment to the bottoms of disobedient wives. " You're not going to be using those things on me" Lucy said. It seems that Lucy was wrong in her proclamation. Paul grabbed his naughty spouse by the arm and pulled her over his lap. He then started to apply a strop to Lucy's already sore bottom. Before her punishment was over, Lucy suffered the ravages of two different paddles, the strop and a martinet. So ends a day in the life of Paul and Lucy.

Strictly English's first release to the world market is an amazing success. This video production features a wonderfully entertaining story of domestic spanking, terrific performances by the cast and superb filmmaking technique. It must also be said that this video helps to affirm Lucy Bailey's place as one of the best corporal punishment performers in the history of the medium. It is very easy to love Lucy. All serious fans of spanking video erotica must have Strictly English's " Washday Blues" in their collection... strictly speaking.


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