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Site Status Update Feb 2010- All of the Spanking Online family of sites are active and updating. However, updates are drawn out over a long period of time with not as much new content being loaded as there once was. Spanking Online is 32.95 USD for 30 days, Spanking Digital is 29.95, Spanking Images is 19.95, Fetish Flixx is 27.95, and Spank My Bottom is 25.95. Xerotics usually has some type of deal going on where you can get 4, 6, or more of there sites as part of a package deal.

Xerotics 14 site Special Review by an anonymous reader posted 2/5/10

14 sites for a year for less than 100 is a lot of CP for anyone's money, when a recurring subscription for just one site can cost twice as much, so just what does one get for the money? The 14 sites are Spanking Digital (SD), Spanking On Line (SOL), Spank My Bottom (SMB), Spanking Images (SI), HD Spank (HDS), Slut Spank (Slutsp), Spanking Mags (SpMags), Spanked Schoolgirl (SSG), GirlsBOTTOM, (GBot), Spanking Vids (SpVids), Fetish Flixx (FFlixx), Naughty Bottom) (NBot), Spanking Tunes (ST), Spanking Archives (SpA). On signing up the new member is presented with a Members' log-on page which requires registering the username and password for each site. After that, provided the "Remember my password" box has been ticked, entry to any site is just a couple of clicks. SpMags requires typing in a displayed code word. The first four sites are linked in a 'Spankpass' package and entry is first to Spankpass and then the required site selected. SOL, SD and SI had an updated site review in Spreview dated Oct 08. After some months the site was pushing an even larger offer of 18 sites for one year. The additional sites are Britspank, Caned Schoolgirl, Strict Spanking and Divine Cats. From non-member previews the first three appear to re-bundle the same films, some under different titles, and the last specializes in erotic glamour, much like GBot. SpVids, which was the one site with a difference, has been dropped. It soon became obvious that flitting from site to site and section to section rapidly produced a confusing kaleidoscope of bottoms. A more methodical approach was required so I made a list on an adjacent computer of what was on offer on all sites, which ran to 20 pages, making a note of those items which seemed worth a closer look from any preview information. SD has sections for New Movies (71 and growing), Archives 06 (26), Archives 04/05 (46), Archives: older (15), Short clips (15), Digital Blast (11), the last being more severe. There are twice-weekly updates with extra parts of the newest films, and galleries. SOL is more of a site for clips from other sources than original material. In the days when download speeds were limited by dial-up connections and disc space was at a premium it made sense to concentrate on the best clips, but without those restrictions such an approach is less valid. There are sections for HD movies (6), Archives (sections 1 and 2), Galleries, Full Movies, Movies, Ezine. The Movies and archive sections are subdivided into Schoolgirl, Severe, OTK, Domestic, All girl and Hands. There are 6 HD movies and 45 Full Movies, most of which appear to come from elsewhere. In the sections for Movies and Archives only the first few have titles and the rest are a bit of a mess of unnamed clips, some with coded filenames (a few wrong) with only a thumbnail for information. Clips are generally 60 to 90 secs duration each and most are offered as sets of three in one file. When only part-films are offered there is often a link to the originating site for a full download. For sites which are part of the package this route also works. Linked sites such as Britspank which are outside the current package remain inaccessible. The Ezine section presents films, photo sets and letters in the format of a monthly magazine but only up to 08/06. More recent ones, and duplicates of many older ones, have migrated to SpMags or SSG. There is a huge archive of photo galleries. SMB used to be the vehicle for Rosaleen Young (the Spreview site review is long out of date) who seems to have taken her much spanked bottom into a well-earned retirement, leaving 59 films in her archives. Her knickers stay on in close to half of them. The site is now dominated by Elizabeth Simpson whose section is rather confusingly subdivided into New Movies (112 and growing), Longer Movie Archives (4), HD Movie Downloads (29) and Short Movie Archives (14). Of the supposedly longer movies two are shorter than many of the others elsewhere. The HD movie downloads are just HD clips from her other movies. The short movie archives are clips of ES in films with other girls. The New Movies section includes those where ES is dishing it out as well as being on the receiving end.

SI is a site for image galleries only, without films. There must be several hundred and I suspect many of them also appear as preview stills and vid grabs associated with films on many of the other sites. HDS as its name suggests concentrates on high definition movies but as many of these are the thick end of a gigabyte a standard definition version of about a quarter of the size is a useful alternative. There are sections for Full HD movies (48), Short HD movies (9), HD gallery captures. There are twice weekly updates. At least a quarter of the films appear as standard versions in other sites such SD and SSG. There seems little point in having a supposedly HD site when most is also offered as standard definition. Slutsp. Katie Leigh is the queen bee of this site and she dominates the 52 downloads available. There are also Galleries and twice weekly update. SpMags. This site has inherited most of the Ezines from SOL and some are clearly identified as such. There are 73 films available (and growing), with a good proportion being more severe. Most claim to be re-mastered. I cannot see why the ezine concept has to be spread over 3 sites instead of concentrated in one. SSG. Spreview has an updated site review dated Jul 09. As its name suggests, this site concentrates on schoolgirls, with sections for Movie Downloads (57 and growing), Archives: 2004-06 (78), photo galleries, School life ezine (15). The last are the old SOL ezines with a schoolgirl theme. There also twice weekly updates with new parts of the latest films. It is a mystery why there is now another very similar site called CanedSchoolgirls. A single schoolgirl-themed site could go bottom to bottom with Girls Boarding School. GBot. This is not a spanking site, just strip and display. As the site name suggests it concentrates on the parts between waist and knee. Dildos are much in evidence in the hardcore section. There are 62 movies and 9 more in the archives section. Nearly 400 photo sets give the names of about 80 girls, which help to identify them elsewhere, from whatever angle. Several of the supposed amateurs appear regularly elsewhere. SpVids. This is the only site in the package which is not obviously part of the Xerotics stable and is the vehicle for Strictly English (SE), but has been dropped from the newer, larger offer. There are (or were) 9 films in the "current archives" and 42 more in the oddly-named "The Spanking Tube", which is actually the name of an unrelated site very similar to the linked spanking14.com/tube. The site does not offer any stills galleries. Many of these films run to a little over an hour, perhaps a legacy from the days when they were distributed on 60 minute tapes. To pad out CP for that length of time requires a lot of chat, dressing/undressing, bathing, mild OTK, corner time, replays, erotic writhing, application of cream, excerpts from and trailers for other films. Two of the films feature Samantha Woodley, currently the queen of Firm Hand Spanking (FHS). Watching her for the best part of an hour was a pleasant prospect, being much longer than offerings from FHS, and in one she appears nude, revealing more than she usually does. Unfortunately her films were ruined by a particularly inept spanker whose gentle taps with the cane were so feeble I thought they were just sighting shots until I realised it was all he was capable of. He also appears with tedious regularity in many newer films on other sites. His arthritic arm creaks slowly through an arc of about a foot as it struggles to make contact. After about 9 months the link to this site no longer worked. The content remained unchanged during that period. FFlixx. This site has been revamped. It used to be a pay-per-view site with films purchased individually but is now membership-only with twice-weekly updates like the other sites. The site has sections for Schoolgirl Videos (54), Domestic Videos (41), Rosaleen Young Videos (16, all of which are in the RY section of SMB), All Girl Videos (18, one of which has male spankers). Numbers increase slowly as new films are added. In the Schoolgirls section there is only one of the Catholic Discipline classic series, No 1. Another film titled "Catholic Discipline" is what has appeared before as "Saturday Discipline" but that title is now applied to a different film. No 3 in the CD series can be found in the Elizabeth Simpson section of SMB under the title "Elizabeth's First Film". Xerotics obviously likes to keep its customers guessing which film is which. NBot. This site is a bit different from the previous ones. There are poster-style preview pictures of just 16 films, initially 19, with "more to come", most of which appear elsewhere. They are available to non-members for individual purchase. Downloads for subscribers to the package require a log-in for each one. Four of the films (three of which have since been removed) were apparently made in Brazil by Mr Peters, scruffier than ever, and despite the fact the local girls could understand little if anything of what he said he still blathered away non-stop, and he is still in the furniture-moving business. The links to three downloads failed due to "parse error". The site customer service did not respond to the package log-in details. Likewise I gave up trying to get into the Xerotics customer service. First one has to register a username and password, but once registered numerous attempts at typing in username and password produced the response "valid login details, please try again". Note the response said 'valid', not 'invalid'. Xerotics obviously does not want to make it easy for customers to complain. Thank goodness it was a one-off payment and I don't have to cancel a subscription. ST. This site offers CP to music. If you like monotonous twangy music this may be the site for you, but for me the only sound track required is the swish of the cane, thwack of impact and a yelp of pain. There are sections for Schoolgirl (17), Girl/girl (12), Domestic (10) Amateur (7), Erotic bottoms (4) and Stills to music. The majority of films appear elsewhere. The site is unusual in offering flash streaming as an alternative to d/l. One of the supposed 'amateurs' is Sara Collins. The "latest update" to the schoolgirl section is a re-mastered version of a film which appeared in SOL IN 2005. SpA. Black & white and sepia feature in the site page to give an olde tyme look. There were 38 films on offer, many of which appear elsewhere. Just under half the films did not offer any sort of preview, clicking on them launched an immediate d/l. On returning to this site after a few weeks I found my log-in no longer worked and the site appears to have been re-vamped. This is the second site to go AWOL before expiry of the subscription.

By my estimate there are over 800 films, (ignoring obvious duplicates, non-spanking glamour films and the anonymous clips in SOL), and countless galleries. It is hard to tell how much duplication is involved because the same or very similar title can be used for quite different films and the same film can appear under different titles.

There are many hours of gentle OTK, with the occasional bored "0w" from the recipient, which is good news for those who like it that way. There is a very stereotyped scenario of a schoolgirl reprimanded by schoolmaster/mistress /parent/aunt/uncle and given a long lecture on her misdeeds, which takes up about a third of the film. About half the film is taken up with OTK hand spanking, firstly knickers up, then knickers then down, and the girl finally bends over in the last couple of minutes for swats of the belt, tawse, strap or cane. Finding something a bit out of ordinary was quite difficult. Xerotics has got into a rut and Mr Peters looks bored with the whole thing and would rather chat than spank. In some films, poor lighting (camera looking into a light source) and camera angles (spanker or furniture in front of camera) are more associated with amateur offerings. Too many of the spankers could take some lessons from Lady D of Real Spankings Institute on how to ply their trade with more vigour and deliver their swats with a full swing of hips and shoulders. A golf analogy would be driving, not putting. Some of the films which claim to be "severe" would fail the Trade Descriptions Act. It is difficult to know why Xerotics operates so many similar sites with overlapping content and keeping tabs on all of them obviously strains their resources, with broken d/l links un-repaired for months and likewise "coming soon" boxes remain unfilled. Both SD and SG were adding current movies to a section dated 2007-2008. The whole Xerotics output could be rationalised into less than half the number of sites with less duplication and less confusion for users. It would be nice to know who is involved, the way other sites such as GBS and FHS give names. Occasionally a name appears in a title or caption but too often they remain anonymous. The newer sites in the enlarged offer claim to include a searchable database of models, so perhaps that point has been resolved there. Some girls and spankers are more watchable than others and some are to be avoided. Why Mr Peters thinks anyone is interested in watching him burbling on his mobile phone for 5 minutes is beyond me. For me about 50 films which were very watchable, rating 4/5 or 5/5, about the same number about average rating 3/5, but far too many were tedious and uninspiring with long waits for something to happen and pathetic when it did. From a customer's point of view it would be nice to have some variation, such as cheerleaders, military (there is a single poor example of each buried deep in the archives), air hostess, police women, girl guides, out door scenes, larger groups such as the Catholic Discipline series and Rural Discipline from long ago. Why not try something such as a troupe of Girl Guides or a squad of WRNS? To summarise, two of the sites disappeared before the end of the subscription period, one is images only, one is non-spanking erotic glamour, two sites offered only a small fixed selection, two are dedicated to Liz Simpson and Katie Leigh respectively. One site concentrates on a small selection of HD films most of which can be found as standard elsewhere. SOL is hardly worth bothering with and a film which Spreview weekly news claimed it was offering did not appear on the site. None of the 'recent' films on offer could compare with the older ones regarded as 'classics'. As many new films can be offered in as many as 8 parts, with each instalment at less than weekly intervals it can take a few months for a new film to appear complete and then an even longer wait for the single uncut file and still gallery. There is some interesting material in there if you are prepared to dig for it, but don't hold your breath waiting for a new film to complete. My advice to anyone new to these sites would be to explore the older archives first.

3rd Review posted on 10/31/08
Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast http://rohrstockpalast.blogspot.com/)

1999 was the year when I got my first internet connection. Before that, I had only sporadically surfed the web from (vanilla) friends' places - not a convenient environment to search for kinky porn. So I guess '99 marks the real start of my still ongoing corruption process. It was also the year when Spanking Online was founded, which became one of the first CP paysites I ever subscribed to.
Today, Spanking Online is still around, now going on its tenth anniversary. It has expanded into the Xerotics network, which also includes sites like Spanking Digital, Spank My Bottom and Spanked Schoolgirl. Spanking Online or SOL underwent several different layouts over the years and remains one of Xerotics' main flagships. Time for me to take another look and find out how it holds up against the much larger competition in this day and age.
Like all the sites in the network, SOL sports a rather flashy, colourful design. This is true not only for the previews, but also for the members area - after logging in, the first page features a list of the most recent updates as well as half a dozen advertising banners for other spanking paysites. As a result, the entry page has a cluttered, somewhat "spammy" look that may not be to everyone's taste. The site's content can be accessed via the updates list or with the help of a navigation bar at the top of the main members page.
Basically, there are five major video areas: two separate "Archives" with material dating back to the early days of SOL, a section simply titled "Movies", another one with "Full Movies 2007", and a recently added page with "HD Movies" (high definition). With the exception of the last two, all of these areas are further divided into thematic subsections like "School Girl", "Domestic", "OTK" or "Severe". Overall, SOL offers one of the largest spanking movie archives on the net.
While the wealth of material is commendable, it is not always laid out in the most user-friendly manner. Especially in the older archives, where scenes are often broken up across different subsections - you might find one segment of a session under "Hand Punishment Movies" and other parts of it in the "Velocity Zone". It must be said, though, that the newer sections are more coherent and easier to navigate. Basically, you can retrace the evolution of the SOL members area as it grew bigger and more diverse over the years. New subscribers will take a few minutes to find their way around and discover all the different corners, but that is not a major complaint. Actually, the historian in me finds the "spanning the ages" layout rather entertaining in its way.
The technical quality of the videos also varies considerably. The ancient ones are in .rm format at 320 x 240 pixels, the most recent high definition .wmv's have an impressive resolution of 1280 x 720. Most of the content falls between the two extremes. The movies are split into several parts, but the newer ones are often available as a single download as well.
Most of the action is straightforward CP without much buildup or backstory. There is a fair bit of chatter in many of the sessions, though. Hand, strap and cane are the most common implements, but I also saw the tawse, the slipper and the hairbrush being used. The severity ranges from light and playful to pretty hard in some of the "high velocity" clips (I like that term). Not all videos are complete or exclusive to SOL - some are previews of full movies from other Xerotics sites like Fetish Flixx or Spanking Vids. Actually, Spanking Online feels like a hub for the rest of the network at times.
As expected for a site of this age, the cast is pretty enormous. There are male tops, female tops and dozens of different victims, including well-known faces like Pandora Blake, Sarah Collins, Catherine Corbet, Niki Flynn, Elizabeth Simpson and Amber Pixie Wells. One SOL girl I liked a lot is Isis aka Tara, a dark-haired, exotic beauty with a gorgeous bottom and interesting reactions. Her "Schoolgirl Returns" caning scene alone is worth the price of a one-month subscription.
In addition to the movie sections, the members area also includes picture galleries and an Ezine archive going back to 2002. The Ezines contain readers letters, model interviews and some extra movies. I thought it was an interesting little feature, but it was discontinued in mid-2006. Nowadays, there is a free Spanking Online Blog with various previews, though.
All things considered, SOL isn't quite the juggernaut one might expect after such a long history, but a reasonably good site. It would benefit from a facelift to clean up the design and streamline the navigation. On the plus side, there are tons of content and most of it is quite enjoyable.

Posted 4/4/08- Review of Swimming Girls Spanked, which is a video that can be seen at Spanking Digital. Click Here for Review.

Be forewarned, this is going to be lengthy, so get your drink and snacks together, go to the bathroom if you need to go, and get comfortable. I am doing something a little different with this review. For the price of $34.95 you may purchase a universal membership to Spanking Online, Spanking Digital, and Spanking Images for one month intervals. Even though I had reviewed Spanking Online before, I am doing the three as part of the package plan. With that said, on to the review. I am not usually a fan of paying more than $20 a month for membership to a site. Hell, I don't like paying more than $10, but I know the costs of server space and bandwidth isn't cheap, so I can understand the need to hike it up some. But, I was looking at the previews and thought, wow, there is quite a bit here. Oh what the hell, let's give it a shot. Let me first start off by saying, if anyone is planning on getting the package plan, don't do so until you have a week's vacation available. Either that, or clear your plans for the weekend and park your butt at the computer. It is going to take you a long, long time to see everything. Each site in of itself is massive, but when you combine all three, it could very well be the largest amount of content you can purchase at one time. I will take each site one at a time. First, Spanking Online. When you first enter the site, you are greeted with a navigation menu and what has been updated most recently. There is also an option within the menu itself to be brought to an updates page, where you can click on links leading to each individual update. I thought that was pretty convenient, nothing worse than trying to search for where the update is. Also, the menu appears at the top of just about every page for easy navigation to other areas. There is an Image 2002 section, and an image archives of older photos sets. Each section features tons of photos series (48 in the 2002 section alone), which then breaks down to roughly 28 photos a set. Each photo is sharp and is high resolution. Next along our menu is Movies 2002 and Movies Archive. Now, there are actually several other pages that feature scenario specific movies, but these are more general pages. In the 2002 area alone, I stopped counting at 100 clips. The archives...well, lets just say I didn't have enough time. Each video is roughly 1-2 minutes in length, is 2.5 MB is size, and has a resolution of around 355X288. A few are a little smaller, and a few carry large resolution sizes, but this is the norm for most of the clips. This format applies to all the video clips on the site.

On to the next section. Are you in the mood for a little at home discipline? Well, step into the Domestic Zone. Here, there are currently 30 video clips of at home punishments. Spanking, Canning, paddling, whatever your darling needs to set her straight can be found here. When you're through browsing that, you can move onto the Schoolgirl Zone. Ah yes, the school girl. Once you move into this area, you have the option of going to the video section, or the photo section. The photo selection currently has 24 galleries of photos. Each gallery is like the Image zone, where the photos are from a series and are published in high resolution. Also, many of the photos have corresponding clips somewhere on the site. When you go to the video area of the Schoolgirl Zone, there are 70 video clips to look through. You might notice that some of the video clips are from the same session as clips in the Movie Zone. However, they are not the same clip. Sometimes Spanking Online will post different clips from the same feature to different areas to accent that specialty. I know, huh? Meaning the first scene of a video might include over the knee spanking, so they'll put that in the OTK area, while the next part includes hard canning, so they'll put that in the high velocity area. Moving right along. So, you like female/female punishments? Well, wouldn't you know there is an all girl section. Again, you are given the choice of photos and videos. The photos area has 3 photo galleries and the video section has 16 clips. I believe this is a rather new section, so it doesn't have as much content as the other areas. In the mood some serious canings and punishments? Well, they have the high velocity zone. This is broken down into high velocity 2002, 2001, and archives. This is massive, there are 70 clips for 2002 alone. Again, all around the same size and resolution. There is roughly 100 or so more between the two archived areas.

Ok, believe it or not, we're still not done with Spanking Online. I've gotten up, walked around a bit and am ready to review some more. Fan of the over the knee action are you? Well, welcome to the OTK Zone. 100 video clips and 3 photos sets are here awaiting your arrival. Girls are just getting spanked all over the place. On their pants, panties, bare, over cars and over laps. When you've finished looking at that, you can move onto the Birching Zone. This is a smaller section with about 10 video clips. Every so often, Spanking Online has a Mega Video Day, where they upload a ton of files in one day. There is a link in the menu to see what was added on the last Mega Video Day. Then you can move onto Girls School. Here you will find 21 video clips and 20 photo galleries from the website, Girls Boarding School. These are the actual clips and galleries from the site, so you also get a nice preview of that wonderful site as well. There is also a link for Punishment Day. This is similar to Mega Video Day, except this also includes photo series. You can see what the uploads from the last Punishment Day were. At Insights, you get a little look behind the scenes with 6 out take video clips. Feel like reading? Well, there is a large fiction are where you can download stories. Or, check out the high resolution images from Kane Magazine or Spank Master. Want to chat with other spankos? Want to own an actual video tape of something you saw on the site? Well, there is a spanking show to purchase many of the videos seen on the site. Check out the bulletin board and chat (coming soon). Oh wait, I'm not finished yet. There is also the SOL Life E-Zine. It's a monthly web magazine with letters, photos, clips, and more. As for updates, they add something just about every day, so there is always something new to go back and look at. So, that about wraps up Spanking Online. I'm tired from looking though it all, but guess what? We're not finished.

Yup, I told you that this would be long. If you need a bathroom break, or to stretch your legs, go ahead, I'll wait. Next up is Spanking Digital. This site has over 50 full length spanking features. When I say full length, I mean you see the whole video from start to finish. You have a few options on how you want to download the files. Each feature is broken down into multiple Real Media files, which on average are between 2.5 MB and 5.0 MB a piece. Some are a little larger and you can download each section at a time. They post a few clips at a time per each update. Once the complete feature is online, they will add a zip file that has 1 complete Real Media file on it. So, depending upon your connection or your preference, you can download say 16 small files, or you can download one large file to your hard drive. Whichever is easier for you. I like the option of downloading the one big file. Like Spanking Online, the clips are around 355X288 in resolution, so it's a nice size. Some of the newer ones are a little better in quality than the older ones, but they are all acceptable. There are not as many sections to cover, but believe me there is a lot of content. 50 full length features is a lot of downloading time. And, if that wasn't enough for you, there are well over 100 short clips for you to download and enjoy. These are from other videos not featured on this particular site. You may also purchase video tape versions of the full length features through the site. The site is updated every few days.

No, it's not over yet. We still have to go look at Spanking Images. Spanking Images is all image series, but not all of spanking. There are other soft core topics of interest included. Currently in the spanking area, there are 62 galleries, which each series having at least 25 photos, with many having close to 50. The images themselves are very high resolution (1186X766) and are sharp and clear. There is also a Fantasy section, with 14 galleries, School Girl section with 33 galleries, Upskirt section with 19 galleries, Nice Asses section with 19 galleries, and Pantyhose with 20 galleries. The site is updated every 5 days with a new and complete series. Oh, and if that wasn't enough for you, they just added bottom fetish.com to the lineup to include 4 sites for the same price. I didn't really get to check this one out yet, but from my quick look it appears to be similar to Spanking Images. They update that site every day.

Well, this is it. The end, the wrap up, the finale. I have to say, I was impressed. There is just mountains upon mountains of content for members to look through when they purchase the package plan. The navigation of the site is easy and the variety of material is a plenty. I need to go take a nap now. I've been downloading for weeks.

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