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A Bureaucratic Spanking - Cal Star
A Caning for Miss Granger - Cal Star
A Caning for Mother and Daughter - Cal Star
A Caning Shared - Cal Star
A Feel for the Cane - Cal Star
A Fixation with Pain - Cal Star
A Fundamental Caning - Cal Star
A Hand for Peter - Moonglow
A Lesson For Tiffany - Nu-West
A Month in the Country - Red Stripe
A Mutual Agreement - Cal Star
A Note for Absence - Lupus
A Quantumly Good Caning - Cal Star
A Read Good Part - Cal Star
A Sound Thrashing - Cal Star
A South American Vacation - Mood Pictures
A Strictly Private Investigation - Strictly English
A View to a Caning - Cal Star
Admiralty House - A Naval Thrashing - Miss Marchmont
Adventure of the Grand Guignol - Underground Video
After Concert Canings - Cal Star
Against Regulations - Cal Star
Agency - Cal Star
Agents of S.P.A.N.K. I - Spanking Source
Agents of S.P.A.N.K. II - Spanking Source
All Girls Get Spanked - Pacific Force
Alternative Punishment - Cal Star
Amber is Whipped - Nu-West/Leda
Amelia Jane Rutherford Vol 1 and 2 - Strictly English
Amelia Jane Rutherford Vol 3 - Strictly English
Amelia Jane Rutherford Vol 10 - Strictly English
American Girl, English Cane - Strictly English
Amy's Aunties - Nu-West/Leda
An Afternoon's Entertainment - Kane
An American Brat in London - Strictly English
An Apple for Miss Higgins - Nu-West/Leda
An Appointment for Laura Jenkins - OhhTeeKay
An Exemplary Student - Strictly English
An Impromptu Spanking - Cal Star
Anarchy, The(3 reviews) - Rigid East/Lupus
Ancient Regime - Mood Pictures
Ancient Regime 2 - Mood Pictures
And For You I Will Come As Well - Lupus
Angry Coach - Nettles/Russian Slaves
Antique Methods - Cal Star
Apologies Not Accepted - Cal Star
Arabian Nights - Strictly English
Army Hundred - Moonglow
Army Stripes - Moonglow
Aroused by the Cane - Cal Star
Arrival, The- Real Spankings.Com
Art Canvas Caning - Cal Star
Art of Spanking, The - Shadow Lane
Artistic Impression - Cal Star
Ashford School for Girls - Nu-West/Leda
Asia's and Darling's Spankings - Dropseats
At Your Service - Shadow Lane
Athlete - Cal Star
Au Pair Agency - Cal Star
Au Pair Girl - Cheeky Video
The Auction - Elite Pain
Auntie Julia's Spanky Time - Nu-West/Leda

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Back on Track - Firm Hand
Back on Track 2 - Firm Hand
Back to School - CalStar
Backpacker's One Hundred - CalStar
Bad Headmaster - CalStar
Bad Headmaster 2 - CalStar
Bar Room Punishment - Cal Star
Bar Service - CalStar
Bare Backs, Whipped Backs - Nu-West/Leda
Bare Bottom Birching - Paradox
Bare Bottom Punishment - Strictly English
Barn Whippings - Nu-West/Leda
Bath Time Beatings - CalStar
Be My Playmate - KSHARA
Beach Spankings 4 - Raven Hill
Beach Spankings 5 - Raven Hill
The Beak, Mistress, and the Schoolgirls - Kane
Beaten at Cards - Cal Star
Beaten Bimbos - Moonglow
Beating of Erica Delamare - SOL/Spanking DVDs
Beating of Rosie Keller - Cal Star
Bedroom Discipline - Shadow Lane
Behind Closed Doors - Mood Pictures
Behind in the Rent - Kurt Stevens
Behind the Flaming Strap Part I - Dallas Spanks Hard
Belt Spankings 2 - Amateur Spankings
Belt Spankings at Reform House #9 - Raven Hill
Bend Over Brandi - CalStar
Berta Black - Elite Pain
Best of Teen Brandi - Real Spankings Films
Best of the Cane - Real Spankings Films
Best of Emily - Amateur Spankings
Best of Ginger - Amateur Spankings
Best of Heather - Amateur Spankings
Best of Jasmine- Real
Best of Real Punishment Series 1 & 2 - DST Productions
Best of Real Punishment Series 4 - Dallas Spanks Hard
Beyond Control - CalStar
Big Girls Do Cry - Blushes
Bikini Models Spanked - Bizare
Birching for Remembrance - Cal Star
Birchington Manor: Episode One - Strictly English
Birchington Manor: Episode Two - Strictly English
Birchington Manor: Episode Three - Strictly English
Birchington Manor: Episode Four - Strictly English
Black Cat Cafe - Film Extreme
Black Marks - Cal Star
Black Velvet - Lupus
Black Widow - Pain4Fem
Blistered Young Buns 2 - Bizzarre
Blue Denim - Shadow Lane
Boat Captain Caning - Cal Star
Booked For Punishment - Connoisseur CP
Boot Camp - Pain4Fem
Boot Camp: Initiation - Firm Hand
Boot Camp 2: Paying the Penalty - Firm Hand
Bordello Beating - Cal Star
Bordello Patrol - Pain 4 Fem
Bottom of the Class - SFR
Bottom Line, The - Firm Hand
Bottom Line 2: Sorority Sisters, The - Firm Hand
Bottom Price - Cal Star
Bottomists - CalStar
Bottoms Up - Cal Star
Bratty Schoolgirl Discipline - Impressions
British Brat - Punished Brats
Brother's Advice, A - Shadow Lane
Budapest Girls - Caned4Cash

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Cabin Fever - Shadow Lane
Call Girl Caning - Cal Star
Cambridge Blues - Cheek to Cheek
Cane on a Nail - Lupus
The Cane and Mr. Abel - Cal Star
Caned and Paddled Schoolgirls - Brooks Applications
Caned and Shamed - SOL/SpankingDVD
Caned at Desperation Point - Cal Star
Caned Before School - Cal Star
Caned But Not For Publication - Cal Star
Caned by the Council - Cal Star
Caned by the Establishment - Cal Star
Caned by the Wrinkly Professor - Cal Star
Caned Concubine - Cal Star
Caned Every Day and The Finishing School - Miss Marchmont
Caned for Benefits - Cal Star
Caned For Her Attitude - Cal Star
Caned for the Gallery - Cal Star
Caned For Sweets and Money - Cal Star
Caned in the Back Room - Cal Star
Caned in their Knickers - Cal Star
Caned In Wet Panties - Roue
Caned in Wet Panties 1 - Cal Star
Caned in Wet Panties 2 - Cal Star
Caned In Wet Panties 3 - Cal Star
Caned into the Record Books - Cal Star
Caned on Her First Day - Ohh Tee Kay
Caned Prefect - Cheeky Video
Caned Secretaries - 6666 Productions
Caned with Honors - Cal Star
Caning After Hours - Cal Star
Caning All Hours - Cal Star
Caning Competition - Cal Star
Caning Competition Show - Mood Pictures
Caning Engagement - Cal Star
Caning International - Cal Star
Caning of a Spanish Master's Wife - Moonglow
Caning in the Rain - CalStar
Caning International 1 and 2 - Cal Star
A Caning for Miss Granger - Paradox
Caning News 1 - Moonglow
Caning Revenge - Cal Star
Caning Severe at the DeVere's - Cal Star
Caning Trilogy - Cal Star
Canings and Cold Showers - Tallion
Canings at Castings - Cal Star
Captured - Moonglow
Carly's Caning - Cal Star
Case 18 - Elite Pain
Catechism, The - Rigid East/Lupus
Catherine Corbett Collection, The - Firm Hand
Catholic Discipline #1 - Xerotics
Catholic Discipline #2 - Xerotics
Catholic Discipline #3 - Xerotics
Caught - OhhTeeKay
Caught in the Act - Strictly English
Caught on Camera - Cal Star
Cause for Caning - Cal Star
Cautioned with the Cane - Cal Star
CC's Punishment - Cal Star
Centerfield Spanking - Nick Harmon (M/M)
Chance of a Lifetime - Cal Star
Charity Caning - CalStar
Charles In Charge - Brooks Applications
The Cheat - Cal Star
Cheating Housewife - CalStar
Cheaters X-Rated - Ohh Tee Kay
Cheeky Response - Red Board Video
Chef's Delight - Cal Star
Chelsea's Angels - CP Entertainment
Chemistry Lesson - SOL/Spanking DVD
Chelsea's Cute Competitor - CP Entertainment
Chelsea Spanks Chloe and Pixie - CP Entertainment
Chelsea Spanks Sasha and Darling - CP Entertainment
Choir Girl - Cal Star
The Christmas Quiet - Lupus
Civil Settlement - Lupus
Claims Dealt With - Cal Star
Class of '94 - CalStar
Class of '95 - CalStar
Class of '96 - CalStar
Class of '97 - CalStar
Class of '99 - Calstar
Class of 2002 - Cal Star
The Clinic - Cal Star
Co-Conspirators Caned 2 - Cal Star
Co-Conspiritors Get Caned 2 - First Choice
Collaborators - Cheeky Videos
Colleague's Caning - Cal Star
College Classic Special - Cal Star
College Classics 1 - Cal Star
College Classics 2 - Cal Star
College Classics 3 - Cal Star
College Classics 4 - Cal Star
College Classics 5 - Cal Star
College Classics 6 - Cal Star
College Classics 7 - Cal Star
College Classics 8 - Cal Star
College Classics 9 - Cal Star
College Classics 10 - Cal Star
College Classics 11 - Cal Star
Community Charge Caning - Cal Star
Conduct Unbecoming - Cal Star
Consequences For Catherine - Strictly English
Conspiracy - RS Films
Convent Discipline - Nu-West/Leda
Corporal Caberet - Cal Star
Corporal Punishment in Women's Institutions #1 - Nu-West/Leda
Correction at Vicarage - Cal Star
Correctional Facility - Cal Star
Corrective Therapy - Cal Star
Country Club Wives - Shadow Lane
Court Ordered Caning - Cal Star
Cousins Misbehavin' - Dana Specht
CP Castings - Cal Star
CP Castings 2 - Cal Star
CP Research Institute - Cal Star
Crime and Punishment - Lupus Fims
Crime at St. Thomas School, A - Rigid East/Lupus
Crime Never Pays - Pfieffer Entertainment
Cruel Canings - Wild Africa Canings
Cry Babies' Caning - Cal Star
Crying Eyes 2 - Mood Productions
Crying Shame - Cal Star
Customer's Satisfaction - Cal Star
Customs - CalStar

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Dance School 2 - Cheek 2 Cheek
Dance School 3 - Cheek 2 Cheek
Dangerous Blondes - Shadow Lane
Darkroom Exposure - Cheeky Productions
Dark Room: Volume 2 - Mood Pictures
Dawn in the Office Part 2 - Cal Star
Days Gone By - Miss Marchmont
Debbie's Demise - Xerotics
Debbie's Lesson - CalStar
Debbie's Spankings - Nu-West
Debra's New Boss - Nu-West/Leda
Debutante's Discipline - Cal Star
Deep Impact - Lupus
Demoted to the Fourth - Red Stripe
Desire, Deception, and Discipline - Strictly English
Desperate Housewives - CP Entertainment
Desperate Measures - Shadow Lane
Detention House II - Lupus Pictures
Detention House III - Lupus Pictures
Detention House: Internal Affairs - Lupus
Detention Room 1 - Blushes
Detention Room Spankings - Raven Hill
Diary of Discipline - Cal Star
Dinner of Just Desserts - Strictly English
Direct Your Own Spanking Video - Pacific Force
Discipline Friday - Nu-West
Discipline of Amanda - Cal Star
Discipline School - Moonglow
Discipline Within the Home - Cal Star
Disciplinary Measures - Paradox
Disciplining Betty - Shadow Lane
Disgrace to the Uniform - Red Stripe
Doctor is in, The - Cal Star
Does it Hurt? - Moonglow
Doing Hard Time - OTK/Red Stripe
Domesticating His Wife - Brooks Applications
Don't Do it Mr. Hodgston - Cal Star
Don't I Give You Satisfaction - Cal Star
Double Feature 1 - Shadow Lane
Double Friday - Nu-West
Double or Quits - Strictly English
Double Red Lines - Cal Star
Double the Strokes - Cal Star
Double Trouble - Shadow Lane
Double Whammy - Cal Star
Down on the Farm - Cal Star
Dr. Freud - Lupus/Rigid East
Dr. Mengele - Mood Pictures
Dr. Soma's Painful RX - Cal Star
Dr. Zubatski's Treatment X - Cal Star
Drastic Measures - Cal Star
Dream of Destiny - A Victorian Adventure - Firm Hand
Dreamscape - Bum Rap
Dressed for Punishment - Uniform Discipline
Dressing Lesson - Unknown
Dressed to Tease - Red Board
Dry Run - Cal Star

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Ed Lee Spanks Katie, Marlo, and Shirley - Nu-West/Leda
Education Program Part 1 - Mood Pictures
Eighth Commandment - Lupus Films
Eleanor's Caning - Nu-West
Elite Club: Special Case - Elite Pain
Embassy Interrogation - Cheeky Video
Embassy Wives - Nu-West/Leda
Emilie von Scholle - the Peacock Lady - Rigid East/Lupus
Emily's Belt Bruising - Amateur Spankings
Emma - Shadow Lane
Emma's Schoolday's 2 - SFR
Employment Welts - Cal Star
End of Term Report - Spanking Out Loud
English Beauty - Cal Star
English Beauty 2 - Cal Star
English Governess 2 - Full Force
Enjoy the Violence - Roman Video
Enough is Enough- Shadow Lane
Enticed to the Cane - CalStar
Escort Service - Cal Star
Eulalie Cimciburkova Globus - Rigid East/Lupus
Eve's Revenge - Pfieffer Entertainment
Eviction Order - Cal Star
The Exchange Student - Lupus Films
Exchange Student - Cal Star
Exciting Opportunity - Cal Star
Exclusive Education - Clare Fonda/Shadow Lane
Exclusive Education 2 - Clare Fonda/Shadow Lane
Executive Privilege - Nu-West/Leda
The Exhibitionist - Strictly English America
Exorcism II - Kshara
Expelling the Pain - Cal Star
Extra's Agency - Cal Star

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Face the Music - Cal Star
Fair Measures - Cal Star
Fairy Tale - Rigid East/Lupus
False Report - CalStar
Family Caning - Cal Star
Family Matters - Kurt Stevens Productions
The Family Silver - Lupus Pictures
Fannies on Fire - Bizarre Video
Fashion Shop - Cal Star
Father Knows Mrs. Best- Cal Star
Fax and Figures - Strictly English
FBW-2 - Nu-West/Leda
FEMDOM Nation - Xerotics/Fetish Flixx
Fetch the Cane - Cal Star
Final Selections 2 - Cal Star
Final Warning - Connoisseur Video
Finishing School - Paradox
Finishing School 4 - Paradox
First Day at the Offic - Cal Star
First Experience - Cal Star
First Week of Term - Roue
Five Striped Bottoms - Nu-West/Leda
For Being Impertinent - Red Stripe
For Reparations - Cal Star
For Services Rendered - Cal Star
4 PM Detention - Cal Star
Four Stories - Cal Star
Four Vicious Bitches - Mood Pictures
French Lessons - Paradox
Friday Punishment - Real Spankings.Com
Fringe Benefits - Cal Star
Frustrated Caner - Cal Star
Furthering Education - CP Entertainment

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Gallery 13 - Spanking JP
Games Schoolgirls play, The - Top Marks (Kane)
Gardener's Grievance - Cal Star
The Genesis Collection - Punished Brats
Gestapo - Mood Pictures
Gestapo 2 - Mood Pictures
Girl on a Train - Cal Star
Girl on a Train Part 2 - Cal Star
Ginger is Snapped - Amateur Spankings
Girl Next Door - Lupus/Rigid East
Girl Trouble - Punished Brats
Girl Trouble 2 - Punished Brats
Girl Trouble 3 - Punished Brats
Girl Trouble 5 - Punished Brats
Girl Trouble 7 - Punished Brats
Girl Trouble 9 - Punished Brats
Girl Trouble 11 - Punished Brats
The Girls of St. Thrashmore - Bum Rap
Girls School Spanking - London Video
Glamour of Old Times, The - Rigid East/Lupus
Global Warming - Cal Star
Golden Oldies Edition - Rigid East/Lupus
Good Cop, Bad Cop - Shadow Lane
Goth Girl - Ohh Tee Kay
The Governess - Cal Star
The Governess - Lupus Films
Graffiti Girls - Connoisseur
Great American Spanking Roadshow, The (part's 1 and 2) - Raven Hill
Grounded for Caning - Cal Star
Group Spankings - Real Spankings.Com
Guilty Wives - Mood Pictures

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Hair Brush Spankings - Amateur Spankings
Half Term Punishments - CalStar
Handyman - Cal Star
Hard Cracks of the Cane - CalStar
Hard Labor and Whipping - Nu West
Hard Lessons - Cal Star
Hard Lines - Red Stripe
Harlot's Humiliation - Cal Star
Heads or Tails - Strictly EnglishThe Headmaster Blake Stingings - Raven Hill
The Headmaster's New Mercedes - Sting In the Tail
Headmaster's Study - CalStar
Headmaster's Study 2 - CalStar
Headmaster's Wasp - Bottom Line
Heather Spanked, Paddled, and Caned - Nu-West/Leda
The Heiresses - Nu-West/Leda
Hell Hath No Fury - Cal Star
Helping Hand - Dropseats/Bobbie Tawse
Helpline - Rigid East/Lupus
Her First Caning - Cal Star
High Fliers - Cheek to Cheek
Highland Sting - Cal Star
Historical Whipping 4 - Nu West
The Hitchhiker - Cal Star
Hitchhiker Spanked - Cal Star
Hitchiker Spanked 3 - Cal Star
Holy Spanks - Spank That Bottom
Horses of Courses - Cal Star
Hot Bottomed Hotties - DSH Productions
Hot Bottomed Hotties II - DSH Productions
Hot and Sultry - Strictly English
Hot Young Cheeks - Bizarre
Hotel Derrier - Kane
Hour of Penitence - Mood Pictures
House Rules - Phieffer Entertainment
Housemaster's Duty - Moonglow
How Dare You Pete - Cal Star

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I'm Going to Punish You - Cal Star
I Like It - Cal Star
I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry - Kane
Illegal Download - Pain4Fem
I married a Brat - Shadow Lane
Immodesty - Lupus
Impertinence - Moonglow
Imposter's End Part 4 - Connoisseur
Inappropriate Activity at St. Lukes - Cal Star
In House Whippings of 1998 - Nu-West/Leda
In The Name of Love - Mood Pictures
In the Red Again - Strictly English
Incompetence at the Nursing Home - Cal Star
The Induction - Shanelle
Ingratitude - Red Stripe
Ingrids First Visit - Nu-West/Leda
Ingrids Naked Whipping - Nu-West/Leda
Inspector, The - Rigid East/Lupus
Institutional Strapping- Nu-West/Leda
International Discipline - Spankoholics
Interview with Lady Jenny - Elite Pain
The Invitation - Cal Star
Irreparable Damage - Cal Star
Is This Dust I See - Red Stripe
It Hurts to Remember - Cal Star
It's Not My Fault - Red Stripe
It's Your Responsibility - Red Stripe
It Began in the Garden - KShara

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Jacque's Hard Whippings - Nu West
Jailyard CP - Mood Pictures
The Jam - Rig East/Lupus
Jennifer And Christie - Amateur Spankings
Jennifer Brooks Meets Ed Lee - Nu-West/Leda
Jennifer's Punishments - Real
Jennifer's Punishments II - Real
Jerry Stringer's Strokes - Cal Star
Jessica And Brandi: Punished Together - Real
Jessica's Cheerleader Punishments - Real
Jessie's Bad Day - Ohh Tee Kay
Joanne's Climactic Whipping - Nu-West/Leda
Joanne's Hard Whipping - Nu-West/Leda
Jodie and Katie- Spanked and Shaved - Nu-West/Leda
Joe and Taylor - Far East Media
Josies Secretaries Caught and Caned - Kane
Judicial Canings - Pain4Fem
Judicial Canings 2 - Pain4Fem
Judicial Punishment - Mood Pictures
Julia is Whipped - Nu-West
Julie And Emily - Amateur Spankings
Just Another Day at St. Stripes - Red Stripe
Just Another Day at St. Stripes Part 2 - Red Stripe
Just Another Day at St. Stripes Part 3 - Red Stripe
Justine - Cal Star

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Katie Meets Meryl - Nu-West/Leda
Katie's Hard Whippings - Nu-West/Leda
Keith's Girl Friday - Shadow Lane
Kelly and Jane Discover the Cane - Moonglow
Kelly Whipped - Nu-West/Leda
Kennedy and Shaunna - Far East
Kept on Their Toes - Cap Star
Kidnapping of the Butcher's Daughter - Lupus
Klafelin 1 - Russian Slaves
Knickers Inspection - Cal Star
Knickers Up Knickers Down - Cal Star

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Lady Vernon's Caning Heaven - Cal Star
Lady Vernon's Spanking Heaven Part 2 - Cal Star
Lap Dance Lessons - Ohh Tee Kay
The Last Case of Dr. Freud - Lupus
Last Temptation of Roger, The - Beckwith Productions
Late Night Maid - Cal Star
Lazy Maids - Pain4Fem
Legal Penalties - Firm Hand
Legal Penalties 2 - Firm Hand
The Legend of Lenny the Tough - Lupus
Lesbian Tiff - Cal Star
Lesson for Lisa - Cal Star
Lessons at St. Winnifred - CalStar
Let's Play Truant - Sting In The Tail
Life Sentence - Mood Pictures
Like Mother, Like Daughter - Red Stripe
Lisa Must Be Caned - CalStar
Little Red Apples 3 - Strictly English
Living Doll- Moonglow/Strictly English
Lone Tower AND The Prank - Dallas Spanks Hard
Long Arm of the Law - Red Stripe
Louise's Night of Discipline- Nu-West
Love Canings 2: Night of the Canes - Dallas Spanks Tiki
Love, Honor, and Obey - Shadow Lane
Love Story - Mood Pictures
Lover's Discipline, A - Shadow Lane
Lover's Discipline III, A - Shadow Lane
Lovers Play - Drop Seats
Loyal Employees - Red Stripe
Lucinda's Confessions - Spanking Epics

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The Magic Purse - Rig East/Lupus
Maid For Caning - Cal Star
Maid For Punishment - Real Spanking Films
Maid For Spanking - Pacific Force
Maid For Spanking - Spanking Source
Maid of Dishonour - Cal Star
Maid Service - Cal Star
Maid to Serve - Cheeky Videos
Maid's Revenge - Moonglow
Maggie Gets Spanked - Amateur Spankings
The Major's Crop - Cal Star
Mallory Stripped and Whipped - Nu-West/Leda
Mandy Bates - Cal Star
Marigold Academy - CalStar
Marriage Guidance - Moonglow
Marital Strokes - Cal Star
Martial Law - Mood Pictures
Martial Law II - Mood Pictures
Master Bater - Cal Star
Maximum Impact - Cal Star
Merry Christmas Mr. Peters - Xerotics
Merry Widow - Kurt Stevens Productions
Meter Beating - CalStar
Mildred Scott, Company Disciplinarian - Nu-West/Leda
Military Discipline 2002 - Firm Hand
Military Discipline 2004- Hell Camp - Firm Hand
Military Justice - Firm Hand
Military PT - Miss Marchmont
Mind Storm - Kshara
Minnie the Minx - Moonglow
Miss Armstrong - CalStar
Miss Bainbridge - Cal Star
Miss Birch's Study Part 3 - Miss Marchmont
Mischief Makers - Shadow Lane
Mischief Makers 2 - Shadow Lane
The Miscreant - Cal Star
The Missing Report - Cal Star
Mistaken Discipline - Cal Star
Molly's Hundred - Moonglow (2 reviews)
Mom's Knee - Draconian Productions
Mom Spanks Naughty Schoolgirl 1 - Spank Channel
Monastery of Misery - Cal Star
Moral Welfare 1 and 2 - Janus
More of Amy's Aunties- Nu-West
Mr. Cooper's Punishment - Cal Star
MRS. Crabtree - Cal Star
Mrs. Delgado's Way - Cal Star
Mrs. McClusky's Discipline - Cal Star
My Barn, My Rules - Nu-West/Leda
My Unfair Lady - Lupus/RGE Films

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Nanny's Follys - Moonglow
Naughty Girls Collection - Miss Marchmont
Naughty Lodger - Cal Star
Naughty, Naughty - Cal Star
Naughty, Naughty Girls - Top Marks/Hot Spankings
Naughty Nieces 2 - Cal Star
Naughty Nurses Part 2 - Moonglow
Naughty Schoolgirl Punished - Cal Star
Naughty Secretaries Week 2 - Shadow Lane
Naughty Tanya - Shadow Lane
Naughty Schoolgirl III - Impressions
Naughty Schoolgirls Revenge - Bizarre
Navy Stripes - CalStar
Neglectful and Naughty - CP Entertainment
New Domestic Discipline 2 - Paradox
New Uniform Discipline 1 - Paradox
Newgate Tails - Miss Marchmont
Nicky Montford - Prison Caning - Firm Hand
Nicole - Far East
Nicky's Schooldays - SFR
Night Nurse/The Imposter 3 - Connoisseur
Nightmare, The- Lupus
Nightmare on Kane Street - CalStar
Nina Birch: My Fantasies Vol #1 - Miss Marchmont
Nina Birch: My Fantasies Vol #2 - Miss Marchmont
19 Year Old Girls - Still in Uniform - OhhTeeKay
No Appeals Procedure - Cal Star
No Choice - Cal Star
No Mercy - Cal Star
No Option - Firm Hand
No Solititing - Spankovideo
The Noise - Lupus
Not in Front of Her - Red Stripe
Nothing But Trouble - Cal Star
Now You'll Get Something to Cry About - OhhTeeKay
Now the Cane - Cal Star
Now That's What I Call a Spanking II - Paradox
Nurse Part 2 - CalStar
Nurses Caning Part 3 - Cal Star
Nursing Her Bottom - Moonglow

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Offender Correction - Paradox
Offender Correction 2 - Paradox
Offender Correction 3 - Paradox
Office Discipline 2 - Miss Marchmont
The Office Temps - Cal Star
Officer, but not a Gentleman - CalStar
Older Men with Younger Wives, Vol II - Shadow Lane
Olympic Corrections Unit - CalStar
On the Take - Cal Star
100 Stroke Policy - Cal Star
Orphan, The - Lupus Pictures
OTK Punishments - RealSpankings.Com
Ouch - Extreme Associates
Our Sorority Part 1 - Shadow Lane
Our Sorority Summer Camp - Shadow Lane
Over Auntie Janet's Lap - Brooks Applications
Over the Barrel - Nu-West/Leda

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Paddled After School - Pacific Force
Paddled At School - Amateur Spankings
Padded At School #7 - Amateur Spankings
Paddling Classified - Cal Star
Paddling of Meechi - CalStar
Pain and Punishment - Cal Star
Painful Duel IV - Elite Pain
Painful Inheritance - Cal Star
Painful Interviews - Cal Star
Painful Journey to Justice - Cal Star
Painful Memories - CalStar
Painful Probation - Cal Star
Painful Summer - RealSpankings.Com
Paperback Writer - Strictly English
Paris is Burning - SpankThatBottom.Com
Party Girl's Caning Competition - Cal Star
Payment in Pain - Cal Star
Peeping Tom at St. Lukes - Cal Star
Penalty Strokes 1 - Cal Star
Penalty Strokes 2 - Cal Star
Penelope is Whipped - Nu-West/Leda
Percy's Persuasion - Cal-Star
Perfectly Delicious - Drop Seats
Pert Little Bottom - Cal Star
PGA Approved Caning - Cal Star
Phoning Home - Red Stripe
The Piano Lesson - Cal Star
The Pioneers - Pain4Fem
Pixie's Fantasies - Punished Brats
Pixie's Fantasies 2 - Punished Brats
Pixie's Punishments #1 - American Brats
Plastic Rod - Amateur Spankings
Plaything - Strictly English
Please Cane Me - Cal Star
Police Beatings - Moonglow
Police Stories: Drug Patrol - Pain4Fem
Pony Express - CalStar
Poolroom Paddling - Cal Star
Poolside Punishment - Cal Star
Positions of Punishment 3 - Nu-West/Leda
Potpourri #3- Nurses - Nu-West/Leda
Prefect's Detention - Sting in the Tail
Prefect's Stripes - Moonglow
Preliminary Interviews - Cal Star
Prep School Punishments - Shadow Lane
Prison Governess - Cal Star
Private Lessons - Blushes
Private Matters - Pfieffer Entertainment
Private Punishments - Cal Star
Private Sessions - New Term - Moonglow
Private Tutorial - Cal Star
Problem Girls - Bizarre
Problem Solved - Cal Star
Pub Side Punishment - Cal Star
Punishment Blackmail Beauties - Sterntime Productions
Punishment Past Due - Shadow Lane
Prison Canings - Miss Marchmont
Prison Punishment - Cheeky Video
Punish A Thief - Cal Star
Punishment Book - Shadow Lane
Punished by the Plumber - Cal Star
Punished for Poaching - Cal Star
Punished Parts - Spanking Out Loud/Spanking Online
Punished Wife - Cal Star
Punishment at the Dance Academy - Cal Star
Punishment Duties - Cal Star
Punishment of Penny - Ohh Tee Kay
The Punishment of Rodney - Shadow Lane
Punishment Parade - Dallas Spanks Hard
Punishment Permits - Cal Star
Punishment Platoon - Cal Star
Pupil Power - Cal Star
Punishment Profiles 1 - Real Spanking.Com
Punishment PT - CalStar
The Puritan - Spanking Epics

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Railroad Office Spankings - CalStar
Ransom - Russian Slaves
Rattan College 3 - Moonglow
Real Discipline Spanking - Real Spanking Video
Real Punishment Spanking - Real Spanking Video
Really Mrs. Walker - Cal Star
Rebecca and the Schoolmistress - Cal Star
Rebecca Meets Debra - Nu-West/Leda
Red Assed Lap Dancing 13: Chastised Bimbos - Red Hot Video
Red Assed Lap Dancing 16: Getting to the Meat of the Matter - Red Hot Video
Red Assed Lap Dancing 17: Burning the Buns - Red Hot Video
Red Assed Lap Dancing 18: Spanking the Divas - Red Hot Video
Red Assed Lap Dancing 19: Bottom's Up - Red Hot Video
Red Assed Lap Dancing 20: Battering the Buns - Red Hot Video
Red Bottom Red Head - Amateur Spankings
Red Hot Reference - Cal Star
RHV 21- Bad Ass Discipline - Red Hot Video
Red Reformatory: Old Friends - Lupus
Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear - Lupus
Red Riding Crop - Cal Star
Red Route Area - Cal Star
Reform School - Rigid East/Lupus
Reform School 2 - Rigid East/Lupus
Reformatory for Sinners - Gaslight Productions
Reformed in Five Days - Connoisseur
Relative Temptations - Strictly English
Renter's Dream, A - Oh Tee Kay
Report Card, A - Rigid East/Lupus
Report to Miss Parker - Red Stripe
Resentfull Shopper - Amateur Spankings
Resolved by Corporal Punishment 1 - Raven Hill
Resolved by Corporal Punishment, Part's 4 and 5 - Raven Hill
Return of the Knicker Inspector - Cal Star
Revenge of the Massage Miscreants - Paradox
The Riding Crop - VidTech
Rigid Father Part 1 - Rigid East/Lupus
The Ring - Kshara
Rivals, The - Shadow Lane
Rival Girls - Mood Pictures
RS Institute of Learing Road Trip - RealSpankings.Com
Roasting - Cal Star
Roll Over, Roll Up - Cal Star
Room 2D - Roue
Room 34 - Lupus
Room at the Bottom - Kane
Room Service - CalStar
Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence - Strictly English
Rough Justice - Cal Star
Royal Flush - Strictly English
Rude Awakening - Strictly English
Rudely Interrupted - Chelsea Phieffer
Russian Discipline 3 - Raven Hill
Russian Discipline 4 - Raven Hill
Russian Slaves #2 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Discipline #4 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #6 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #7 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #8 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #9 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #16 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #22 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #23 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #26 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #31 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #41 - Russian Slaves/Nettles
Russian Slaves #59 - Russian Slaves/Nettles

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Saddle Sore - Moonglow
Sally's First Lesson - Cal Star
Salon CP - Cal Star
Sam Spank - Spankaholics
Sandy's Ultimate Whipping - Nu-West/Leda
Santiago Prison - Mood Pictures
Sarah Collin's Schooldays - SFR
Sarah Remembers Everything - Rattan College 2 - Moonglow
Satisfy the Boss - Roman Video
Schizo The Black Part - Mood Pictures
School Days - Pain4Fem
School Reports 2 - Cal Star
Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire - Bizarre
Schoolgirl Spanking Special #1 - American Brats
Schoolmaster's Revenge - Spanking Epics
Seared Rears - Dallas Spanks Tiki
Second Chance - Cal Star
Secretarial College - Cheek 2 Cheek
Secretly Spanked - Amateur Spankings
Selfish Habit - Connoisseur
Sent Down - The Return of Miss Parker - Red Stripe
Sergeant Spiteful - CalStar
Serious Hard Spankings - Pacific Force
Severe Punishment- The Paddle and the Cane - Nu-West/Leda
Severity School - Moonglow
Severity School's Punishments - Moonglow
Sexy Stoner Spanked Again - Spank Channel
Shame of Hasmabod - Raven Hill
She Actually Spanks You - CP Entertainment
Shelly's Punishment & Shelly's Revenge - Cal Star
Shoplifters - Cal Star
Sin District: The Cat House - Lupus
Sin District: Close Encounters - Lupus
Sisters - Red Stripe
Sister Act - Red Stripe
Sister Strict - Spank That Bottom
Sister's Mistake - Cal Star
Sister's Repentence - Cal Star
Sitting Pretty - Cal Star
Six of the Best - Cal Star
60 Powerful Strokes - Cal Star
Slaves of Rome - Mood Pictures
Sneaky Tiki - Dallas Spanks Tiki
Sliipper for Stephanie - Cal Star
Soccer Moms Spank Off - CP Entertainment
Sofie Dee's Spanking Confessions - Clar Fonda
Sophie Fennington Interview - Cal Star
Sore Loser - Bum Rap
Sore Losers - Shadow Lane
Sorry is not Enough - Red Stripe
Sorry Miss - Red Stripe
Soul of Honor - Lupus Pictures
Southern Strappings - Real Spankings.Com
Space Girls - CP Entertainment
The Spanke Shoppe - CP Entertainment
Spank Thy Neighbor - Shadow Lane
Spanked And Diapered - Bobbies Drop Seats
Spanked And Spread - Bobbies Drop Seats
Spanked by Daddy - Cal Star
Spanked in Front of the Class - Pacific Force
Spanked Husband - Shadow Lane
Spare The Rod - Roue
Spanked Hairdresser - Cal Star
Spanked on the Road 5 - Raven Hill Studios
Spanked On Their Panties - Pacific Force
Spanked Secretaries 1 - Strictly English
Spanked Secretaries 2 - Strictly English
Spanked Shopper and Other Tales - Bonvue
Spanked Young Tails - Bizarre
Spankers Paradise 1 - Bizarre
Spankers Paradise 2 - Bizarre
Spanking 101 - Shadow Lane
Spanking Academy- Bizarre
Spanking Academy of Dr. Blunt, The - Roue
Spanking Analysis - Shadow Lane
Spanking Beverly Hills- Shadow Lane
Spanking BodyGuard - Shadow Lane
Spanking Channel Vol 1 - Strictly English
Spanking Demonstration at the Comfort Inn - Beckwith Productions
Spanking Down the Highway - Raven Hill
Spanking Down Under - Moonglow
Spanking Dreams - Moonglow
A Spanking for Nurse Donna - English Spankers
Spanking For Two - Dropseats/Bobbie Tawse
Spanking Game #1 - Bizarre
Spanking Genie - Chelsea Pfieffer
Spanking In The Modern Age - Punished Brats
Spanking in the 21st Century - Shadow Lane
Spanking Interviews II - Cal Star
Spanking is My Pleasure - Cal Star
Spanking Lesbians - Cal Star
The Spanking Machine - Pain 4 Fem
Spanking Pixie Vol 1 - Punished Brats
Spanking Professor, The - Shadow Lane
Spanking Salesman - Cal Star
Spanking Server Vol 1 - Pain4Fem
Spanking Triple Play #12 - Pacific Force
Spanking the Maid - Paradox
Spanking WebCam - CP Entertainment
Spank Me, Spank Me, Spank Me - Bonvue
Spankorama - CP Entertainment
Spanks for Thanks - Phieffer Entertainment
Special Detention - Cal Star
Special Gratification - Cal Star
Special Kind of Love - Cal Star
Special Treatment - Mood Pictures
Spoiled Rotten - Shadow Lane
Sports Camp Vol 1 - Firm Hand
Sports Camp Vol 2 - Firm Hand
Sports Mistress - Rattan College 1 - Moonglow
Sport School - Russian Slaves
Spy School - Moonglow
St. Able Hands - Shanelle
St. Luke's Harsh Strokes - Cal Star
Stacked Deck - Ohh Tee Kay
Stacy - Cal Star
Stage Fright - Cal Star
Stage Moms - CP Entertainment
Stalin - Lupus Pictures
Stalin 2 - Lupus Pictures
Stalin 3 - Lupus Pictures
Stand Corrected - Shadow Lane
Stanford Experiment - Mood Pictures
Step Daughter 3 - Nu-West/Leda
Strap for Jamie - CalStar
Strap for Sophie - Cal Star
Strict Accounting - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Strict Prison - Pain4Fem
Strict Prison 2 - Pain4Fem
Strict Prison 4 - Pain4Fem
Strict Qualifications - CalStar
Strictly Private Investigation - Strictly English America
Strict Regime - Cal Star
Strictly Romantic - CP Entertainment
Stripped, Bound, and Beaten - Cal Star
Struck Off - CalStar
Submissive Mind, A - Real Spankings
Suburban Brat - Shadow Lane
Super Spanking Review - Shadow Lane
Surrogate Maide - Cal Star
Sussexful Therapy - Cal Star
Swedish Lashes - Cal Star
Sweet Peas - Ohh Tee Kay
Sweet Revenge - Mood Pictures
Swimming Girls Spanked - Spanking Digital

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Take These Off, Put These On - Red Stripe
Tainted Past - Kshara
Tales From the Rod - Cal Star
Tales From the Rod 3 - Cal Star
Tales of the Old Janitor - Rigid East/Lupus
Taming of the Tease - Strictly English
Taming of Veronica Allen, The - Shadow Lane
Tandoori Stripes - Cal Star
Tanya Fox Meets Joanne Jameson - Nu West
Tanya Meets Ed Lee - Nu/West-Leda
Tassara's Playroom - Nu/West-Leda
Tassara's Playroom 2 - Nu/West-Leda
Teacher's Exam Meeting - Lupus Films
Teacher Taught - Sting in the Tail
Teacher Taught Again - Sting in the Tail
Teacher's, Coaches, Lovers - OhTeeKay
Tears - Real Spanking Films
Tenants Ordeal - Cal Star
Tennis Bums - Shadow Lane
Term Ends - Moonglow
Texas Justice - Magnum
That'll Teach 'Em - Miss Marchmont
The Administrator - Cal Star
The Behavioral Clinic - Cal Star
The Bounder - Cal Star
The Cane for Emma Hartley - Sting in the Tail
The Caned Nurse - Paradox
The Caning Caretaker - Moonglow
The Caning Club - Bizarre
The Caning Game Keeper - Moonglow
The Caning Machine - Cal Star
The Debt Collector - Cal Star
The Duchess - Cal Star
The Errant Daughter - London Video
The Flogging of Lady Constance - Cal Star
The Game Warden - Cal Star
The Great Role - Lupus
The Hair Dresser Part 2 - Moonglow
The Headmasters Office - Passive Arts Stuido
The Housewife - Cal Star
The Ingredient of the Day - Cal Star
The Initiation - Cal Star
The Maid - Mood Pictures
The Master Executioner - Rigid East/Lupus
The Music Lesson - Moonglow
The Navy Lark - Red Stripe
The Piano Lesson - OhhTeeKay
The Pioneers - Pain4Fem
The Police Inspector/The Imposter 2 - Connoisseur
The Punishment - Cal Star
The Recognition of the Great Marquis - Lupus
The Reformation - Cal Star
The Reformatory - Cal Star
The Rent Collection - Cal Star
The Riding Stable: Two Corrected Fillies - Cal Star
The School Inspector/The Imposter 1 - Connoisseur
The Sorry Six Get Caned - OTK
The Spanking Game - Real Spanking
The Spanking Neighbor - Shadow Lane
The Spy - Pain4Fem
The Sting - Cal Star
The Therapist - Cal Star
The Thief - Cal Star
The Thieves - Pain4Fem
The Way of a Man and a Maid - Miss Marchmont
Therapist - Alternative Lifestyles of the Bad and Needy - Cal Star
Therapist - Sexual Frustration - Cal Star
Thieves - Spankotronic
Thieves in the Bath House - Russian Discipline
This Man's Army - Spanking Online
This Time The Cane - Cal Star
Three Women Over a Box - Nu-West
Tiki's 90 Minutes of Hell - Dallas Spanks Tiki
Tiki's Torchings - Dallas Spanks Tiki
Time For Punishment - Cal Star
Times Get Harder - Red Stripe
To Catch A Thief - Miss Marchmont
To Give or Receive - Pfieffer Entertainment
To Have And To Scold - Shadow Lane
To View a Caning - Cal Star
Too Many Fathers - Lupus
Tormented Talent - Kurt Stevens
Training of Julia - Cal Star
Training Officer - Cal Star
Trial by Ordeal - Strictly English
Trio of Tales - CP Entertainment
Triple Play 8 - Pacific Force
Trish's Severe Punishments - RealSpankings.Com
Trouble From the Troubleshooter Part 1 - Cal Star
Trouble From the Troubleshooter Part 2 - Cal Star
Truant Officer - Cal Star
Trucker's Revenge - Cal Star
True Artist - Cal Star
Turn the Other Cheek - Shadow Lane
TV Show - Cal Star
20/40 Spankings - Drop Seats
Twenty Questions - Red Stripe
Two Faces of Truth - Lupus
Two More for the Crop - Moonglow
Two Punished Wives - Nu-West/Leda
Two Spanked Cheerleaders - Nu-West/Leda
Two Very Naughty Girls - Brooks Applications
Two Whipped Businesswomen - Nu-West/Leda
Two Women Horse Whipped - Nu West
The Tyrant - Pain4Fem

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Ultimate Spanking Video - Unknown producer
Unashamed Sisters - Rigid East/Lupus
Uniform Discipline 2 - Paradox
Uniform Special - Miss Marchmont
Unwilling Punishment - Cal Star
Upstairs Downstairs - Cal Star

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The Vacation - Spanking Epics
Vanna's Punishment Spanking - Nu-West/Leda
Vanna Spanks Alex, Sonya Spanks Debra - Nu-West/Leda
The Very Best of the Paddle Vol 1 - Real Spankings Films
The Very Best of the Paddle Vol 2 - Real Spankings Films
Vicious Whips and Bloody Canes - Brooks Applications
Victorian Interlude - Cal Star
A Victorian Maid - CalStar
Virgin Bottom Spanking - Amateur Spankings
Volume 2 - Far East Productions

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Warlock's Revenge - Lupus
Washday Blues - Moonglow/Strictly English
Week in a Noisy Household, A - Lupus
Welfare Cheats - Cal Star
Well Done Lavinia - Cal Star
Well Spanked Little Girl, A - Hot Spankings
Wet - DST Productions
What Bottoms are For - CalStar
What Katie Did - Miss Marchmont
Wheel of Discipline 2 - Pacific Force
Whipping at Table Mountain - Nu/West-Leda
The Whipping Chair - Nu-West/Leda
The Whipping Machine - Pain4Fem
The Whipping Machine 2 - Pain4Fem
Whipping Sorority - Nu-West/Leda
Winner Take All - Nu-West/Leda
Who's Affraid of the Spanking Neighbors? - Shadow Lane
Wild Party - Rigid East/Lupus
Wild Party II - Ridig East/Lupus
Winners and Losers - Red Stripe
Workplace Discipline - OhhTeeKay
Working Girl - Cal Star
Worse For Wear - Cal Star
Worst Driver in the World - Phieffer Entertainment
Wrath of Khane - Cheeky Video
Wrong End of the Stick - Strictly English
Wynter's Schooldays - SF & R

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You Should Be Expelled - Sting In the Tail
Young Offender 1 - Sting In The Tail
Your Turn For the Cane - CalStar
Youth Hostel Capers - Cal Star


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